Yes – Repetrory Of Delirium (Flux And Reflux FARM-20505/6)

Repetrory Of Delirium (Flux And Reflux FARM-20505/6)

Artpark Repertory Theater, Lewiston, NY – August 22nd, 2001


Disc 1:  Intro., Close To The Edge, Long Distance Runaround, Don’t Go, In The Presence Of, The Gates Of Delirium, Steve Howe solo (Corkscrew), Mood For A Day, Wondrous Stories

Disc 2:  Perpetual Change, And You And I, Ritual, I’ve Seen All Good People, Starship Trooper, Roundabout  

Flux And Reflux is a minor Japanese label that focuses upon releasing Pink Floyd, Roger Waters and Syd Barrett titles.  Repetrory Of Delirium (sic) is their one and only Yes title so far.  Yes’ entire Symphonic Tour in 2001 has been captured on audience recordings including this concert.  But Lewiston is the only soundboard to yet surface.  This tape is valuable because the major complaint voiced by fans attending these shows is that the orchestra is overpowered and drowned out by the amplified rock instruments. 

This sad fact is audible on the audience sources that have been released so far on Highland.  The virtue of the soundboard tape is the perfect balance between the two making it easy to appreciate the orchestra’s contribution to the arrangements.  It is very good to almost excellent quality being very clear and powerful.  The emphasis is upon the middle to lower frequencies so it does come off as sounding a bit dull.  

There are several large cuts in the tape that are filled in nicely with an atmospheric audience recording.  That tape is used for  “Corkscrew” and “Mood For A Day”.  The soundboard picks up again when Anderson is introducing the story behind “Wondrous Stories”.  There is a small cut in the tape after “And You And I” losing no music and the soundboard finally cuts out 4:21 in “Roundabout” with the audience source filling the final ninety seconds of the show.  The edits are handled very well and smooth making this an enjoyable listening experience all around.

The Artwork Repertory Theater located in Lewiston outside of Buffalo in western New York which usually hosts classical recitals, operas and musicals.  Yes is one of the very few rock concerts allowed to play there.  William Schomburg and the Symphony Orchestra joined the band on stage.  Keyboardist Igor Koroshev was fired before the recording of Magnification and the keyboards were handled on this tour by Tom Brislin. 

Anderson thanks William Schromburg and the Symphony Orchestra before “Gates Of Delirium”.  Jon Anderson says before “Don’t Go”, “Good evening, by Niagara Falls. We’d like to do a couple of new songs for you.  We actually just finished mixing an album a couple of weeks ago and started this tour.  We’re in the throws of understanding what we’re doing with new songs because songs are like kids, they’re very precocious.  Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t” before “Don’t Go”.  This is followed by the other song from Magnification “In The Presence Of.” 

Anderson goes to lengths to explain how Alan White wrote the opening song by playing the first two chords Rachmoninov’s Concerto #3 in D on the piano and the band took it from there.  The band and orchestra deliver a magnificent performance of this new Yes classic.  “The Gates Of Delirium” is the second of three epics played and the audience reacts wildly to the “victory” section.  This is followed by Steve Howe’s solo spot where he plays “Corkscrew” from his Turbulence LP followed by the rarely played “Mood For A Day”.  “Wondrous Stories” is another song that was seldom performed.

“And You And I” is introduced as “a song we love to play.  We’ve played it many many times and we still love to play it.”  “Ritual” is another highlight with Chris Squire leveling the first ten rows with his bass solo before the “ritual of life” drum symphony in the middle which leads to the quiet “nous sommes du soleil”.  “I’ve Seen All Good People” is the set closer followed by two encores, “Starship Trooper”, containing another violent Squire bass solo during “Wurm”, and the expected “Roundabout”.  Some of the reviews posted on Yesworld include comments like:  “ Excellent show.  Yes seems to get better with age.  All the guys in the band were right on with their playing and singing. 

The Buffalo Philharmonic was awesome considering the only had an afternoon’s practice session…  ART Park   Holy sh ….The band was inspired last night! GOD and Ritual with the orchestra especially, fabulous. The orchestra was bang on with only a few tempo train wrecks, but some fast baton brought them into Alan’s right foot! Smiles on a few occasions!… Being a music teacher and a listener of orchestral music I was intrigued to hear the classic Yes done w/ these instruments, but overall they did not serve the music enough to warrant doing it again, unless they tried some different things.”   

Repetrory Of Delirium, although only a two-disc set, is packaged in a thick fatboy jewel case.  The cover photograph comes from the tour but is rather blurry and hard to see.  The back cover has a small photo and a reproduction of the concert ticket.  Since this is the only soundboard release from this tour, this is definitely recommended. 

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