Yes – The Remembering (Highland HL145/146)

The Remembering (Highland HL145/146)

Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort Worth, TX – December 4th, 1974

Disc 1 (47:32):  Close To The Edge, To Be Over, The Gates Of Delirium

Disc 2 (44:06):  And You And I, Ritual (The Remembering, The Revealing Science Of God), Roundabout

The Remembering comes in the short five week tour of the US that began shortly after the sessions for Relayer ended and its release on December 14th.  Fort Worth occurs just about a month into the tour and is a very good to excellent sounding tape recording.  The taper unfortunately seems to have arrived late that night to the Convention center since the Firebird suite, “Sound Chaser” and the first ten minutes of “Close To The Edge” are missing.  This is overall a solid early release on Highland with the only flaw being, after “The Gates Of Delirium” a snippet of Led Zeppelin concert is audible.  It doesn’t interfere with the Yes concert but it is a strange mastering fault with occurs on some Highland titles (the same thing can be found on Genesis White Mountain Side).

This tour was a way for Yes to not only break in the new material live, but also to play live with new keyboardist Patrick Moraz.  Not only was his style and musical taste fundamentally different than either Tony Kaye or Rick Wakeman, but Moraz’ used some very different keyboards.  He got his equipment from its developers which were still at that time in prototype stage.  The Vako Orchestron, for example, which was used for the string sounds throughout the album in general and which was used for the sound effects in the instrumental middle of “The Gates Of Delirium.”  This was the instrument used to produce the whooping and sneezing sounds (“electric slinky”) which suggests the sounds of people being torched alive about midway through the track.

It would be Moraz’ interpretation, not only of the new songs but also of the older material that would determine their success as a live band.  His influence can be heard on “Close To The Edge” on this recording where, while he duplicates much of Wakeman’s parts adds his own coloring throughout.

Jon Anderson addresses the audience afterwards, promoting the new album saying:  “I’d like to thank you all for coming along tonight. Hope you have a good time. I’d like to play for you now, I’d like to play some new music to you from our new album which is called Relayer.  I think it’s in the shops. This weekend it’s in the shops and the first song that we played is from the album that was called ‘Sound Chaser.’  And the song you’re going to hear now is also from the album. It’s called ‘To Be Over.’ I hope you like it.”  This is the first song from the album to be dropped from the set which unfortunate since almost every live version of the piece sounds simply gorgeous.  “The Gates Of Delirium” is the second epic played in the set and is again perfect and very dramatic in the recording.

Before “Ritual” Anderson says, “I hope you enjoyed the new music. I’d like to say thank you very much for coming along tonight. Here’s a song from Tales From Topographic Oceans. Like to play for you side four. ‘Ritual.'”  The track is very long with references to sides one and two from the album.  The drum solo sounds very heavy on this recording and Moraz’ Vako Orchestron is put to good use in the ritual of life section on the middle.  The “Nouse Sommes Du Soleil” finale is a fitting end to the show and “Roundabout” is the only encore captured on the tape.  Overall The Remembering is a very good release but, with more complete and better sounding tapes in circulation, is not essential.

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