Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Live At Global Citizen Festival (Godfather Records GR 814)

Live At Global Citizen Festival (Godfather Records GR 814)

Global Citizen Festival, Central Park, New York, NY – September 29th, 2012

(70:44):  Love And Only Love, Powderfinger, Born In Ontario, Walk Like A Giant, The Needle And The Damage Done, Twisted Road, Fuckin’ Up, Rockin’ In The Free World (with Dave Grohl and Dan Auerbach on guitars)

The Global Citizen Festival was scheduled for late September to coincide with a meeting at the UN General Assembly.   Top artists, lead by Neil Young, the Foo Fighters and The Black Keys performed before 60,000 in Central Park.  An initiative of the Global Poverty Project, the concert celebrated the progress made in raising funds  to fight worldwide extreme poverty.  

It also drew together the usual crowd of skinny, pretty, and rich idiots making complete asses of themselves making inane comments to the press in a desperate attempt for self publicity (what the fuck does Selena Gomez have to say that is actually relevant?)  And since Bill Gates is a major contributor to the Global Poverty Project, does this have any relation to his plan for “population control” through the wholesale slaughter of innocent unborn children?  

I am categorically opposed to rock and roll being used to promote political causes, but if they can express their political opinion, then so shall I.  

The whole festival was broadcast online and Godfather copied Neil Young’s set for Live At Global Citizen Festival.  It is an excellent, professional stereo recording and a wonderful document of Young’s set.

Young begins with two epics, “Love And Only Love” pushing fifteen minutes, and a wonderfully abrasive “Powderfinger.”  Young keeps his comments to a minimum, and plays two songs from the as yet released Psychedelic Pill, “Born In Ontario” and “Walk Like A Giant.”  

Crazy Horse leave the stage leaving Young to play “The Needle And The Damage Done” and “Twisted Road.”  The set ends with a discordant “Fuckin’ Up.”  The encore in an obligatory sing along to “Rockin’ In The Free World” where Young is joined by Dan Auerbach and Dave Grohl on guitars and many others on backing vocals.  It’s a heart-warming end to the set.  

Despite the stupidity of the cause, the music is very nice and offers good live versions of several new songs.  The label is very good working with contemporary tapes, and Godfather offer the title in a pretty cardboard sleeve with various photos from the event on the inside.  All of their Neil Young offerings are very nice and this is another worth having.   

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