Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention – FZ Goes To College (Guitar Master GM-003)

FZ Goes To College (Guitar Master GM-003)

William Patterson College, Wayne, NJ – November 11th, 1973

(66:26):  Dupree’s Paradise, Pygmy Cheepnis, Pygmy Twylyte, The Idiot Bastard Son, Cheepnis, Inca Roads Part 1, Inca Roads Part 2, Dickie (preamble), Dickie’s Such An Asshole, I’m The Slime, Big Swifty

FZ Goes To College is the latest Frank Zappa release on the occasional Guitar Master label.  Zappa played two shows at William Paterson College in Wayne, New Jersey on November 11th and this contains the early show.  A good to very good audience recording circulates of the complete show and was pressed last year on disc three of Duprees Paradise 1973 (Howard Carter Music Company HCMC-016/017/018)

Guitar Master use the incomplete very good soundboard recording.  It is missing the introduction and “Montana” and fades in at the very beginning of “Dupree’s Paradise.”  It is slightly hissy but has a wonderful percussive quality in the low end which underscores the jazz-like improvisations.  Zappa’s band during this time included Napoleon Murphy Brock, Tom Fowler, George Duke, Ruth Underwood, Bruce Fowler, Ralph Humphrey, Chester Thompson.  Irma Coffee joins in on vocals for “Pygmy Twylye.”

It is important to remember the political context of the show.  Played while the national consciousness was on Viet Nam and the Watergate scandel, much of the show takes the form of a prolonged diatribe against then current US president Richard Nixon (the “Dickie” in “Dickie’s Such An Asshole”). 

Regarding the show, JBird writes in his Duprees Paradise 1973 review:  “The performance I would rate as Excellent!  Highlights – All!  “Duprees Paradise” begins with a synthesizer solo which blends into a very strange spacey jam which is interrupted by the lone vocal phrase ‘very interesting’ then bang right into the Duprees theme. This is followed by excellent flute, drums, and bass solos.  Finally Frank plays some very psychedelic guitar before the final theme. This “Dupree’s Paradise” is excellent. Next up is the medley ‘Pygmy Twylyte’>’Idiot Bastard Son’>’Cheepnis’. ‘Pygmy Twylyte’ is introduced as a song about drug abuse and ‘Cheepnis’ is introduced as a song about monster movies.

“There is a section of lower quality tape spliced in for a good chunk of ‘Cheepnis’. ‘Inca Roads’ is introduced as a song about flying saucers and has a nasty fade out in the middle, but picks up again just in time for some excellent solos by Frank and the Mothers.  The show closes with ‘Dickie’s such an asshole’ which is introduced with Frank getting some audience participation. The highlight here is the soulful vocals of Napoleon Murphy Brock. The encore is outstanding. ‘I’m the Slime’ which contain some of Zappa’s best lyrics jamming perfectly into ‘Big Swifty’ a fan favorite instrumental.”  FZ Goes To College has very good graphics on the artwork and is printed on thick high quality paper.  It is a very good production. 

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