Ορω γαρ ημας ουδεν οντα αλλο πλην

Ειδωλ οσοιπερ ζωμεν η κουφην σκιαν

The goal of the online Collectors Music Reviews is to document and discuss as many silver discs as have been released in the past twenty years.  These days, with the slowing down of production due to torrents, trading and cdrs, there are fewer silver manufactured titles being produced and some have even said their days are numbered.

This website is the idea of several long time collectors who love to write and talk about our hobby.  We will focus upon the newest releases and review them in a timely manner.  We also do not want to forget all of the great titles that have been released in the past.  If you have a collection and would like to write about them, please let us know so that we can provide you a “EDITOR” account.

We charge no fees, but will gladly accept donations if you would like to support the work of this website.  The task before us is big, but nothing worth doing in life is ever easy and fast.   The heart of this website will always be the writings, and that you can start enjoying now.

This website serves merely as a reference tool.  We do not endorse the sale or manufacture of these titles nor is this site a catalogue.  We don’t know where you can find these and won’t discuss that here.  We just like to write about our favorite music.

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