The Rolling Stones – Marseille Orange Velodrome (Goldplate GP-1902CD 1/2)

The Rolling Stones, “Marseille Orange Velodrome” (Goldplate GP-1902CD 1/2)

CD One – Opening / Street Fighting Man / It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll / Tumbling Dice / Just Your Fool / Get Off Of My Cloud / Fool To Cry / You Can’t Always Get What You Want / Paint It Black / Honky Tonk Women / Band introductions / You Got The Silver / Before They Make Me Run
Disk Two – Sympathy For The Devil / Miss You / Midnight Rambler / Start Me Up / Jumpin’ Jack Flash / Brown Sugar / Gimme Shelter / (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

Live at Orange Velodrome, Marseille, France. June 26th, 2018.

The Goldplate label have returned from a retirement of sorts with a small clutch of new releases, the first being an audience / IEM matrix (Captured from Mick’s feed) from the Stones show at the Orange velodrome in Marseille, France. Presented as a simple two CD set or a more deluxe version featuring a DVD 9 and blu ray capture of the show. As the deluxe version was not available for review at the moment, I’ve stuck with the audio from the double disk set.
One of the very few non-Xavel recorded IEM feeds from the 2018, ‘No Filter’ tour. Sometimes the Xavel presentations were contested as lacking a little something – the feeds weren’t mixed well enough with their accompanying audience recordings, leaving the resulting capture a little sterile and airless. This new mix by Goldplate, well, it goes the other way by boosting the audience noise, sorry, participation up towards the level of the feed so, the resulting sound is that of being in a stadium, at a show that’s playing the video of the Rolling Stones. It’s fair to suggest there’s an amount of echo on the tape, though it’s not as clear as it would be from the audience recording or from Mick’s IEM (Though arguably, it might be the sound of BEING Mick as opposed to being in the crowd.
I’ve seen the affair being suggested as sounding ‘wild’ on the Internet forums and while that’s not an unfair summary, it’s not entirely right. This is a solid Stones show – As good as they might get nowadays anyway – Lots of breathless bravado, the musicianship is still very, very good (Had we have had the result of a different feed, it might not have been so kind, maybe it’s saving grace is that Mick’s feed was captured) and of course, it isn’t studio sweetened so there’s less garnishing of the sound.
The packaging, for the 2 CD set is simple but effective – nicely designed, clear to read and very unfussy, it’s packed with full colour images and press but without looking too tawdry. As one of the only releases of this show on silver, (There have been at least three CDR variations and an audience recording as part of a Wonderland boxed set) this set is an attractive pick pif you’re looking for a neatly affordable show. I’d recommend the Rattlesnake or Crystal Cat British releases if you’re looking for quality maybe but if you attended this show, it’s a very nice souvenir to have.

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