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New Dylan on Eelgrass.

The much lauded Dylan release from Empress Valley, ‘How I Spent The Summer’ has now got a twin, born through the label Eelgrass. As is tradition it seems, Eelgrass offer an alternate version of a lot of EV releases – Often in less deluxe packaging and the same musical content, ...

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The Rolling Stones – Fully Finished Studio Outtakes (Black Frisco records BFR 101-103)

The Rolling Stones, ‘Fully Finished Studio Outtakes’ (Black Frisco records BFR 101-103) CD 1, Volume 1 (Time 79:20)Nobody Perfect / Troubles-a-Coming . Dreams To Remember / Don’t Lie To Me / Fiji Jim / Eliza Upchink / Deep Love / She’s Doing Her Thing / Putty in Your Hands / Dog Shit / 20 Nil / Tell Her How It Is / You Better Stop ...

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Bob Dylan – Theme Time Radio Hour – The Whiskey Episode (Crystal Cat CC1121/22)

Bob Dylan, ‘Theme Time Radio Hour – The Whiskey Episode’ (Crystal Cat CC1121/22)  Intro Diana Krall / B.Dylan Hello Friends / Wynonie Harris “Quiet Whiskey” / B. Dylan About W. Harris & Other Musicians / B. Dylan About Floating Verses / Charlie Poole “if The River Was Whiskey” / B. Dylan About Johnny Bush & Willie ...

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