The Rolling Stones – We Got A Good Thing Going (Godfather Records GR756/757)

We Got A Good Thing Going (Godfather Records GR756/757)

Disc 1 (63:11):  Sep. 23 or Oct. 5, 1963, Broadcast Oct. 26:  Come On, Memphis Tennessee, Roll Over Beethoven.  Feb. 3, 1964, Broadcast Feb. 8:  Don’t Lie To Me, Mona (I Need You Baby), Walking The Dog, Bye Bye Johnny, You Better Move On, I Wanna Be Your Man.  March 8, 1964 (Broadcast date, recorded Feb. 8 – March 7 on UK tour), Roll Over Beethoven, Beautiful Delilah.  March 18, 1964 or October 8, 1964:  Ain’t That Loving You Baby.  March 19, 1964, Broadcast May 9:  Route 66 (live). Cops And Robbers (live). You Better Move On (live). Mona (I Need You Baby) (live).  April 10, 1964:  Hi – Heel Sneakers (live), Little By Little (live), I Just Want To Make Love To You (live), I’m Moving On (live).  April 13, 1964, Broadcast April 18:  I Just Want To Make Love To You, Walking The Dog, Not Fade Away, Beautiful Delilah, Hi – Heel Sneakers, Carol

Disc 2 (67:06):  May 25, 1964, Broadcast June 6:  Down In The Bottom, You Can Make It If You Try, Route 66, Confessin’ The Blues, Down The Road Apiece.  July 17, 1964:  It’s All Over Now (live), If You Need Me (live), Confessin’ The Blues (live), Carol (live), Mona (I Need You Baby) (live).  July 17, 1964 (studio) Broadcast July 23:  Around And Around, If You Need Me, I Can’t Be Satisfied, Crackin’ Up.  Oct. 8, 1964, Broadcast Oct.31:  2120 South Michigan Avenue.  March 1, 1965, Broadcast March 6:  Everybody Needs Somebody To Love, Down The Road Apiece, The Last Time, Interview with Mick Jagger & Brian Jones.  Aug. 20, 1965, Broadcast Aug. 30 and Sep. 18:  Mercy Mercy, Oh Baby (We Got A Good Thing Going), Interview with Mick Jagger, (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, The Spider And The Fly, Interview with Mick Jagger, Cry To Me, Fanny Mae

We Got A Good Thing Going collects together several Rolling Stones BBC radio sessions from 1963 and 1965.  Unlike many other bands who have issued their BBC sessions officially, the Stones still have not yet offered a comprehensive collection to their catalogue.   All of the material on this release has been issued before, but Godfather utilize the best sounding generations of these particular tapes. 

Like other BBC compilations many of the sessions are live performances of songs available on their official releases.  But there are also rare covers from their live set at the time such as Chuck Berry’s “Memphis, Tennessee,” “Roll Over Beethoven,” and “Beautiful Delilah” along with versions of Tommy Tucker’s “Hi Heel Sneakers,” Bo Diddley’s “Cops and Robbers” and “Crackin’ Up,” Buster Brown’s “Fannie Mae,” and Howlin’ Wolf’s “Down in the Bottom” that makes this collection valuable.  

The first session in this anthology is also The Stones’ first appearance on The Saturday Club BBC radio program.  The show endured for twelve years, from 1957 to 1969 and was the only radio show to broadcast popular music.  It was recorded on September 23rd (a day after their final show at the Crawdaddy Club in London) with host Brian Matthew and broadcast a month later on October 26th. 

Five songs were recorded plus an interview with the host, but only three songs are in circulation.  The other two which are not included are “Talkin’ Bout You” and “Money (That’s What I Want).”  It’s interesting that all but “Money” are Chuck Berry covers, revealing the musical inspiration for the Stones very clearly.

“Come On” was the Stones’ first single, released on June 7th, 1963 and was never played live because of the band’s disdain.  Having this performance is very special since it’s one of the few times they played it. 

The second Saturday Club session with Brian Matthew occurred several months later in February 1964.  The session was recorded on February 3rd and broadcast five days later.  Again the session contains covers derived from their setlist at the time including their second single “I Wanna Be Your Man.”  

The following Saturday Club session is a month later on March 8th, 1964.  This session comprised of two songs, “Beautiful Delilah” and “Roll Over Beethoven.”  Only the latter survived and is present here.  These two tracks were recorded live on their UK tour at the time and is a rare glimpse into their early live sound.

“Ain’t That Loving You Baby” follows and is listed to be from the October 8th ”Rhythm And Blues” with Alexis Korner session.  Some dispute whether or not the song to this session or to the February ”Saturday Club.”   All of the other boot releases favor this, but Zentgraf favors the latter and Godfather follow.

Two live appearances follow.  The March 19th “Blues In Rhythm” show, taped before a live audience, is one of the more popular early sets.  Previous releases of the Stones’ four song set include Camden Theatre 1964 (The Swingin’ Pig TSP-CDS-004), Get Satisfaction…If You Want! (The Swingin’ Pig TSP-CD-003), Beat Beat Beat at the Beeb (Invasion Unlimited IU 9428), Got Live If You Want it! (Decca DFE 8620) and Really Got Live If You Want it! (Pontiac).  Last year the entire broadcast, including the non-Stones segment, was pressed on This Is Rhythm And Blues! (Dog N Cat DAC-115).

Host John Baldry introduces them as “Charming Deviationists” before a short four song set starting with “Route 66,” the first song off of their soon to be released debut album.  “Cops And Robbers” features Brian Jones on harmonica, according to Baldrey and they follow with their latest EP “You Better Move On.”  Baldrey complains about these early mornings and closes the show by having the Stones play their cover of Bo Diddley’s “Mona” from the album.

About a month later, just when the first album was coming out, the Stones appeared on “The Joe Loss Pop Show” on April 10th.  Previous titles with this broadcast are Beat Beat Beat at the Beeb (Invasion Unlimited IU 9428), Got Live If You Want it! (Decca DFE 8620 (VGP)), Really Got Live If You Want It! (Pontiac) and A Decade of Jumping Jagger on Stage (Stoneage Music SAM 001).

The set was also included on DAC’s This Is Rhythm And Blues!  Although not as good quality as the other broadcasts, the improvement in sound quality on Godfather is very noticeable.  It’s a great quality set featuring a very enthusiastic band.  They play several songs from the album including the original “Little By Little,” credited to Naker Phelge.

The first disc ends with the fourth “Saturday Club” appearance.  Their longest stint on this show, it was recorded on April 13th and broadcast on April 18th.  This session starts off with their third single, a cover of Buddy Holly’s “Not Fade Away.”  Matthew can be heard talking about the impending release of their first LP The Rolling Stones (released in the UK on April 16th).  The band plays “Walking The Dog,” the final song on the album.  “I Just Want To Make Love To You” and “Carol” are also from the new album while the other two songs, “Beautiful Delilah” and “Hi Heeled Sneakers” aren’t. 

The second disc begins with the fifth “Saturday Club” broadcast, recorded on May 25th, the afternoon of a show they played in London that night at the Granada Theatre.  It’s also a few days before they left for their first US tour.

On July 17th, 1964 the band recorded two sessions.  The first was a live set before an audience for “The Joe Loss Pop Show.”  The sound is very good in very crisp mono.  They begin with “It’s All Over Now.”  Afterwards Mick says “as Brian changes his guitar, we’ll do an articulate version of ‘If You Need Me.'” 

The continue with a frighteningly heavy cover of “Confessin’ The Blues,” Berry’s “Carol” and the Bo Diddley cover “Mona.”  It is one of the most exciting live documents of the Stones’ early career. 

The same day the band recorded a studio session for “Top Gear.”  They play four songs including a fun cover of “Crackin’ Up,” a song they would revisit more than a decade later for 1977’s Love You Live.

On October 8th the band recorded a six song session for “Rhythm And Blues,” hosted by Alexis Korner.  They played “Dust My Pyramids,” “Around And Around,” “If You Need Me,” “Ain’t That Loving You Baby,” “Mona” and the original “2120 South Michigan  Avenue.” 

 Only two tracks, “Ain’t That Loving You Baby” and “2120 South Michigan Avenue” have surfaced.  The former can be found on several releases including Saturday Club on SODD, but Godfather chose to include the latter only in excellent mono. 

The “Top Gear” broadcast is excellent sound quality.  It was recorded on March 1st and broadcast on the BBC on March 6th.  Four songs were recorded:  “Down The Road Apiece,” “Everybody Needs Somebody To Love,” “The Last Time,” “If You Need Me” but the tape has only three.  Two of the songs are covers and the last song on the broadcast is their first number one original hit.  There is a forty-five second long interview where Jagger and Jones speak to host Brian Matthew.  They speak about the motivation to achieve more world wide success and their hope that the Stones would last for a long time.

Disc two of We Got A Good Thing Going ends with the August 20th, 1965 session.  It was recorded in London right when their second original song “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” became a hit.  “Yeah! Yeah!” was broadcast on the BBC ten days after the recording on August 30th with “Mercy Mercy,” “Oh Baby,” “Satisfaction” and “The Spider And The Fly.”  Host Tony Hall interviews Jagger between the songs and he reveals interesting pieces of information about the superiority of America’s studios.  Godfather included this piece on Olympia ’65 – Satisfaction & Beyond (Godfather Records GR 434) several years ago.

Godfather produced a really nice edition of the Stones’ BBC sessions. 

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  1. What difference does it make?

  2. Well, it turns out that I was somewhat or partially incorrect, but not completely wrong, about the release date of GR 434, as the review for it here is dated Oct. 19th, 2009, which I found very surprising. I remember having bought it just last year (or maybe 2010), and I had thought it was just after it had been newly released.

  3. Thanks for the interesting review – I’m very much looking forward to the upgrade. However, Godfather’s “Olympia ’65 – Satisfaction & Beyond” (GR 434) was released “several years” ago? Wasn’t it actually released just last year? Certainly not a few years ago or anything more than a few, as “several” is generally considered to be more than just a few. But anyway, thanks again.

  4. Excellent review!
    The sound from this piece is superb!
    It is noteworthy for any Stones collection! My favorite era of the stones.


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