New releases on Goldplate and Retrospective Collection

The Goldplate label have returned with a new fashioning of the Stones 1994 album, ‘Voodoo Lounge’ using the various sessions that circulate to compile a brand new “alternate” album. Two disks to the collection, the first disk is the alternative album, the second disk is a compilation of rare tracks and sessions.

Personally, I would liked for them to have released the Voodoo Brew, Stew, Residue downloads that appeared on Stones forums a short while ago.

The Retrospective Collection label look to 1968 and have compiled a collection of “White Album”  outtakes and sessions with the famous ‘Revolution’ diary tape headlining the set – Presumably using the Vigotone source (This release doesn’t list the ‘Taxi Ride’ portion of the tape before the studio rehearsals), the label also use a collection of different tracks from the sessions on disk two including the ‘Step Inside Love’ sessions featuring Paul and Cilla Black.

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