Two new Yes titles on Virtuoso!!!!!

Virtuoso have blessed Yes collectors with two fantastic Boston shows.  Alternate View (Virtuoso 034/035) contains the February 26th, 1974 Boston Gardens concert.  This is a rare live complete Tales show before “The Remembering” was dropped. 

It is so rare for a Drama era show to be pressed to silver, but Virtuoso is going to release Dramatic Play (Virtuoso 032/033).  This contains the September 9th, 1980 show in Boston and although the label claims this is the first release of this show, it isn’t exactly true.  Highland used this tape for Return To Drama (Highland HL649/650) which they mistakenly label a New York show.   Nevertheless this is an excellent sounding tape and a hot Drama show, before Trevor Horn’s voice began to give out. 

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