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There are many new releases announced today.  The Godfather label have several interesting titles coming out in the next month.  John Fogerty Hoodoo (GR 344) is a transfer of his 1976 unreleased album. 

Pink Floyd Sunbathing In Somerset (GR345) is a one disc title with Pink Floyd’s set at the 1970 Bath Festival on June 27th, 1970 pressed on silver for the first time.  this includes a four page essay and a mini poster.

Rolling Stones Devils And Deserts (GR 346/347) is another Godfather Stones tour anthology.  They use the December 13th, 1981 Tempe show as a base and have copious bonus material featuring rarities from the era.

Tom Waits San Diego Serenade (GR 348) contains a soundboard from the April 19th, 1974 San Diego Folk Festival.

Oasis Pray For The Light (GR 349/350) is a two disc set with the November 8th, 2008 Copenhagen soundboard.

The Smiths Life Is Very Long When You’re Lonely (GR 351) has the August 28th, 1986 Irvine Meadows soundboard. 

Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The West (Sigma 32) is a four disc set with a new source for the Hollywood Bowl show on September 22nd, 1972 and an upgrade of the Winterland Ballroom show in San Francisco two days later.

Rolling Stones Hound Dog:  The Lost Handsome Girls is a one disc title containing soundboard recordings from the 1978 US tour.

Tarantura are releasing several second editions of some of their more popular titles.  Good, Bad Or Indifferent is the second edition of the 1971 Newcastle show they released several years ago which features the newly found encore. 

The Box Of Tricks is a second edition of the 1970 Honolulu tape in great quality. 

No Use Greco is a reissue of their old title of the October 3rd, 1972 Tokyo show.

The Complete Later…With Jools Holland is a two DVD set with Jimmy Page’s appearance on the popular BBC program.

On DVD, Iron Maiden Live At Red Rocks (AS 160) has pro shot footage of their show in Colorado on August 30th, 2000.

Ed Force One Route To Mexico (AS 161) has pro shot footage from February 22nd, 2008.

Oasis Standing On The Edge Of The Noise (AS 162) has telecasts from London on August 14th and the Electric Proms performance on October 26th.

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  1. Looking forward to the T.Waits release. If Godfather (or any silver label for that matter) is reading this: the Tom Waits Bremen, Germany 1977 radio show, released by Great Dane many years ago, has just surfaced as a pre-FM master. Hint, hint..

  2. Given Sigma’s reputation so far and that the Hollywood Bowl show has been described as having “AMAZING SOUND” quality, whereas the Frisco show has been described as having even “TRULY AMAZING SOUND”, I highly doubt that Sigma would use one of those considerably inferior sources. But I tend to curiously wonder exactly what they mean by “new” source for the former show, as it could be the same one supposedly used by Blue Café for their recently-released “Complete Crackers” 2-pro-CD-R, which I haven’t heard, or maybe it could be one of the other better ones that have surfaced since Sigma released “Damn Braces, Bless Relaxes” a few years ago when they were Sirené. Sadly but not surprisingly, the latter show is still missing the ‘Saucerful of Secrets’ encore that was supposedly performed that night.

  3. I’d say Sigma 32 is a pretty good deal if it’s priced right. But the quality of some of the Hollywood Bowl tapes are pretty bad. Quality with me can be an issue.

  4. The inclusion of an upgraded version the the 23rd show in San Fran as a 5th (and 6th if the entire show can be located) disc would have made Sigma 32 perfect. Most likely the missing 2 songs were never captured, or a better and more complete source has yet to be found, otherwise I’m sure Sigma would have included it. Still looks like a great title though. Unfortunately I can’t ‘toss’ Sirene-046 yet.

  5. So, is the Sigma 32 release 2 full shows on a 4 disc set? I’m excited about the new source for the Hollywood Bowl show; but not happy about not having the option to purchase just one of the shows.


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