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Dog N Cat releases Hold On Tight (DAC-083)

The Dog N Cat label continue their prolific production with the 3CD Hold On Tight.  Covering the June 27th, 1975 Madison Square Garden show in New York, this is released thirty-three years to the day of the event.  This is, according to the label, a remastered edition of the famous LP of the same name.  This concert is notable for the rare inclusion of “Cherry, Oh Baby” and for Carlos Santana joining the Stones onstage for “Sympathy For The Devil.”  An excellent version of this show was released in February, so it isn’t readily clear why this was released nor is it clear why they split it over three discs when the show can easily fit on two.  DAC normally release very solid material but this smells like a cynical rip off. 

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  1. I just don’t get it. Another re-mastering in such a short time frame and literally “squeezed” unnecessarily into a 3 CD set…Who’s fooling who here?!

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