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Exciting news from Tarantura


Tarantura continue to be a legendary label with a solid catalogue of outstanding sounding, never before heard tapes.  The label will continue this summer with Queen A Night At Q-Den featuring the March 26th 1976 show at Kyudenkinen-Taiikukan in Fukuoka, Japan.

Coming soon will be Rainbow Nagoya 1978 from another Mr. Peach tape.

Perhaps the most anticipated release will be Mr. Peach recordings from Led Zeppelin’s 1971 tour of Japan.  A clip of “Immigrant Song” confirms excellent quality of the recording.

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  1. Will we finally get to hear the amazing WLL with vocals??
    Have we waited long enough??
    Will we be able to get of this island?……

  2. Well, if Mr. Peach’s recordings for Zeppelin are as good as his Clapton’s, I guess I’ll have to have them all!

  3. Sounds like 929 to me – and boy oh boy, is my mouth watering for this!! One can only begin to fantasize about what this can lead to, given the truly remarkable caliber of Peach’s recordings. To hear more/all of the 1971 Japan tour in sterling quality is almost too much to ask for – but I will!! Thanks to CMR for sharing this exciting information.

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