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interesting new releases

Sigma have finally released something fresh, new, and exciting.  Brussels Affair (Sigma 66) documents the December 5th, 1972 show at the Forest National, making its silver pressed debut.

Beck, Bogert & Appice Encounter Velocity (Wardour-088) contains the May 14th, 1973 show in Tokyo, Japan. 

Gary Moore Farewell Note contains the April 27th, 2010 show from Tokyo, his last of Japan.  With the proliferation of Gary Moore CDR titles also coming out lately, this seems to be the end of the current fascination with all things Gary Moore. 

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  1. Gotcha. I like to think I’m pretty hip, but times like this reveal me to be the nerd I really am. I’m busy catching up to all the titles I need to review AND trying to figure out Phoenix, Arizona. If any regular readers of this website are in Phoenix, please let me know.

  2. Yes – “non-Ke$ha” is just my frivolously stooooopid way of saying that we can be thankful that something doesn’t have anything at all to do w/ the 24-yr.-old trashy pop singer whose real name is Kesha (Rose) Sebert – she’s possibly one of the most eccentrically bizarre people ever & has the most chameleonic (chameleon-like) looks I’ve ever seen, which sometimes appear downright disgusting. She’s a major Stones fan who has been heavily influenced by K. Richards & M. Jagger, says that Zep’s “Black Dog” is one of her fave songs, & has been pictured wearing a dark Pink Floyd The Wall T-shirt. Anyway, I can’t help but wonder how long it’s going to take Sigma to release anything after “Brussels Affair”, which I’m very much looking forward to.

  3. I looked it up. Ke$ha is a female pop singer. I confess I’m ignorant of her music. There have been so few Ke$ha bootlegs that she completely slipped by me.

  4. jerrythebarman

    Sorry, I’m still dying to know what that means.

  5. There really are a few “Non – Ke$ha” releases. I believe there should be a sticker on the releases that do include them so we can be forewarned.

  6. jerrythebarman

    Exactly what I was wondering.

  7. What does “non-Ke$ha” mean?

  8. The new non-Ke$ha Floyd “Brussels Affair” (Sigma 66) has been described as having “TRULY PEFFECT (sic) SOUND”. Whatever the hell Sigma means by “TRULY PEFFECT (sic) /PERFECT”, surely everyone here is so bitterly disappointed that now Osama bin Laden will never get to hear it – if only the deadly raid on his place could have been delayed just a few weeks longer just so that our ol’ pal Osama could get to hear the 1 non-Ke$ha non-Whitney Houston P. Floyd release that he most eagerly anticipated ;-)

  9. “Household Objects”… Pink Floyd were f’n stoners!

  10. I’m also excited about this PF Brussels show! Thanks Sigma, I’ll be purchasing this one for sure.

  11. This Floyd ’72 show is supposed to be a very good quality recording-thanks to Sigma for releasing it!
    Also excited about the official Floyd releases! Too bad they won’t releasing the entire Wembley ’74 as one set instead of breaking it up between the DSoTM and WYWH releases.
    But beggers can’t be choosers-have always wanted to hear SOMETHING from the “Household Objects” project!! Exciting stuff!!

  12. I have to say that, as of today, I’m pretty much focused on the 26th September 2011 spectacular PINK FLOYD EMI campaign that will see expanded versions of DSOTM, Wish You Were Here and The Wall released, featuring bonus unreleased songs, live tracks, even stuff from the mythical “Household Objects” project. INCREDIBLE… and about time. The Immersion editions feature 6-discs, Brighton 1972 concert footage, the works. Better start saving now kiddies…

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