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Kissbootlegged, a (relatively) new Kiss website

We do not normally get into website reviews on Collectors Music Review.  However, the webmaster for Kissbootlegged sent me his and asked to let Kiss collectors know about it.  It provides good, solid, basic information about what titles are available.  And the banner they use above replicates the same poster I had on my wall when I was 11 (living in Lake Grove, New York).  Click on the banner above to access their site.

From the site’s page:

Welcome to the most transparent part of the kiss bootlegs ever made. I started working with the website the fall of 2009, officially on the web in early 2010.
The page has grown tremendously and I am eternally grateful for all the help I received. The goal is obviously to have it as good as possible, plenty of information, pictures and most importantly, a clean and true story. This page contains only factory-pressed bootlegs, pirate and counterfeit releases. Releases that provide weak information and uncertain grounds is under the section “Question Marks”. Please take a look in the “Wanted pictures” section, where I stated what I’m looking for,
such as pictures and information.

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  1. The Kiss boot “Takes Tokyo” was my first bootleg.
    Got it from Pied Piper Records.

  2. I had that poster, too.

  3. bootlegged is a great site by long time and well informed KISS bootleg collectors.

  4. Excellent site and a great new resource for Kiss boot collectors

  5. Ever since kads made a comment on a post refering to the site I have been a regualr on this new site. I an a major geek when it comes to sites like this.
    It has a huge amount on information and is an essential site for any fan of bootlegs.

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