Latest DBM Beatles releases

The Japanese Dr. Ebbett DBM label continues their prodigious production with twelve new transfers this month:


First US Concert (DBM-040), original master recording of the unreleased mono of the first US concert

Die Beatles (DMB-041).

Something New (DBM-042), German stereo LP on Odeon label.

The Worlds Best (1CD With OBI Strip) Original Master Recoding. The World’s Best (German Stereo) (Stereo) Dr. Ebbett. DBM-043

And Now The Beatles (DBM-044), German stereo LP on Odeon label.

The Beatles Beat (DBM-045) German stereo LP on Odeon label

Casualties (1CD With OBI Strip) in stereo. 

Last Licks Live The Rooftop Concert (DBM-047), unreleased mono LP.   

New Years Day (DMB-048), unreleased mono LP on Apple of the original Decca audition tape

Yellow Submarine (DBM-049), Yellow Submarine unreleased mono soundtrack.

Get Back (DBM-050), unreleased UK stereo of the 2nd Glyn John’s mix

Magical Mystery Tour (DBM-051), German stereo LP on Horzu label.

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