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  1. “Starship Trooper” cuts out at the end of Wurm.

  2. Does anybody know if March 10th Starship Trooper is complete in Virtuoso box? Thanks

  3. Concerning the March 9th show there are two sources on silver. The first is titled Hallelujeh on the Dirty 13 label and the other Virtuoso family ones mentioned above. The Hallelujeh title has the two final tracks (Yours Is No Disgrace and Starship Trooper)not on the Amity and Sirene titles. About 5-6 years ago I provided copies of my Hallelujeh and Close to the East titles to another Yes fan who spliced in the two missing songs to the end of the Sirene title as it was better quality. He had to speed correct the two missing songs as they were the wrong speed to match the Sirene title. He did an amazing job as the splice was seemless and the resultant two title mix was then vined out on the Yes fan forum Yesswap. If I was a betting man I would guess the new Virtuoso title is a copy of that fan made two source effort.

  4. Thanks yenssongs. yesdays (at) aol (dot) com

  5. @yesdays: let me know your email address. Cheers

  6. Can anyone share an image or scan of the cover art for the Going for the One studio sessions upgrade DVD-R, please? Thanks

  7. The March 9th show is listed as a two source mix. It looks like Virtuoso included the two final tracks (Yours Is No Disgrace and Starship Trooper) not included on the Ayanami title.

  8. I compared the Amity release to the 3 older titles…could not find any improvements in sound. Let’s hope that the Virtuoso release will be a true upgrade in sound. I already ordered this new release. I am very curious about the bonus DVD-R! They throw in another bonus DVD-R called “Going For The One Studio Sessions”. This is announced as an major upgrade. You have to buy 2 titles to get the GFTO bonus.

  9. This new title on Virtuoso is a remaster of Amity, which was a remaster of the three older titles. So, there is nothing new except maybe an improvement in sound quality.

    The bonus DVDR comes with the stickered versions sold in Tokyo and are not available to foreign buyers, unless you specifically ask for it.

  10. AMITY “Close to the East” disc 1 + 2 is the same as “Heart of the Sunrise” ( Sirene 044), disc 3 + 4 is the same as “Close to the East” (Ayanami 255), disc 5 + 6 is the same as “Live in Japan” (Sirene 071). These are excellent sounding audience recordings.
    I am not sure if the upcoming VIRTUOSO release will be a remastered edition? One good thing about the VIRTUOSO release: it will include a bonus DVD-R called “Single 8”. It includes 4min 28 seconds footage from the Tokyo gig, march 9th. 1973!

  11. Yessongs: Do you know how the recordings on AMITY sound?

  12. Exactly. The world needs more Yes silver boots. Why won’t Highland press silvers anymore???

  13. I am glad that they decided to release it as a true silver pressed set. Few moth ago it came out as 6 CD-R set CLOSE TO THE EAST on AMITY 250.

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