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Merry Christmas! (with visions of a new DAC title dancing in our heads…)

Merry Christmas!

CMR thanks you all for your support in the past


The Dog N Cat label are celebrating Christmas by releasing Liver Than You’ll Ever Be (DAC-116), a four disc set (with obi strip) documenting the November 9th, 1969 second show from various sources:

Disc 1:  1969.11.9-2nd show audience source
Disc 2:  1969.11.9-2nd show new alternate source
Disc 3:  1969.11.9-2nd show soundboard source
Disc 4:  1969.11.9-2nd show TMOQ source remastered

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  1. That’s good news, mojopin, because I’m definitely not shelling out $90 plus shipping for this. And, I’m wondering what exactly the TMOQ remaster will sound like. As for the opening acts, though, I’d be fine with them being on there, given the quality of the acts in question.

    And, it’s been said before here recently but I’ll pose the question again: why won’t DAC or the no-label folks consider releasing some of the upgrades/new sources that have surfaced over the last year or so of other shows that have yet to receive silver releases at all? I’m talking, again, about Dallas ’69 and Atlanta ’75 for starters. Not great recordings, granted, but that never stopped VGP in the past when it came to uncirculated shows.

  2. My retailer is telling me that Godfather will release the alternate new source in january as single release.

  3. I suppose you’re correct about the opening acts being on disc one. It’s not obvious unless you look at the setlist on the picture.

  4. Careful Axeman Eugene

    gsparaco, are you sure about Disc 1 being the Stones? i ask because we’ve seen a pic of the back cover art of the new DAC-116 that was attached to the email, and it says ‘opening acts’, w/ 2 tracks listed under Ike & Tina Turner, 3 tracks listed under Terry Reid, and the last 2 tracks listed under BB King. also, are or were you saying or implying that in addition to DAC doing the alternate tape on their #116, another label also plans on releasing it next month? if so, then what label? thanx

  5. I have no clue what DAC are working on, so I didn’t know about this coming out. And you’re right, this costs $90 plus $5 shipping. I’m on the fence with this one.

    And, all of the discs on DAC-116 are the Stones. Just different tapes. There are no discs with the opening acts.

  6. Careful Axeman Eugene

    so this new 4-disc DAC release is what gsparaco meant when he said a couple days ago that the alternate tape of the legendary Stones show was gonna be released next month? the month sure passed quickly! gsparaco didn’t mention the label being DAC or it being 4 discs, so i sort of assumed that he meant the ‘no label’ label that had just released those other two Stones CD titles, and probably just one disc or perhaps two at most. also, isn’t the first disc of this new DAC-116 actually not the Stones themselves, but rather the opening acts of the show like Ike & Tina Turner? no offense meant to other musical acts like those, but in most cases we consider the addition of other artists, like on the Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out official boxed set of late last year to be pretty much worthless! and DLee told me that the price listed in the email he got earlier today was actually just slightly less than a full hundred bucks, but neither of us is likely to be ordering it anyway

  7. I agree, it’s a rather cynical move DAC’s part to package it with previously released material and sell it for $100. I’m confident that patience will be rewarded, so this title can be a pass for 99% of the Stones collectors in the world.

  8. Ah, so the newly discovered alternate audie for the 2nd show will be released. And one only has to buy 3 Extra discs (all of them with previously released material) to get the pressed CD of the one generally unheard (until recently) alt.source of the 2nd show Nov. 9, 1969…wonder what a 4-disc DAC release retails for these days?

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