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More new Rolling Stones

Sticky Fingers Alternative (SODD 106) collects togther demos and alternate versions of Sticky Fingers with the following track listing:

01.Brown Sugar (Early-Vocal) 02. Sway (Recorded in Stargroves Studios in Newbury) 03. Wild Horses (Alternate version from February 1970’s session at Olympic Studios) 04. Can’t You Hear Me Knocking (Another mix) 05. You Gotta Move (1970 and finally made it onto Sticky Fingers in 1971) 06. Bitch (Mono-Mix) 07. I Got The Blues (Mono-Monitor-Mix) 08. Sister Morphine (Basic-Stereo-Mix) 09. Dead Flowers (Another mix) 10. Moonlight Mile (Another mix) 11. Cocksucker Blues (Originates from the mid-seventies) 12. Let It Rock (Live at Leeds 7″ Original mono mix) 13. Satisfaction (Rare live outtake from the legendary Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out live album from 1970) 14. Good Time Woman (A/K/A “Tumblin’ Dice” Early-Version) 15. Silver Train (Early-Version) 16. All Down The Line (Early-Rehearsal) 17. Brown Sugar (Alternate-Mix) 18. Brown Sugar (Mono-Single-Mix)

Live At The El Mocambo (SODD 105), which contains the Stones live at the El Mocambo Club on March 4th & 5th 1977. 

(STEREO REEL) 01. Hand Of Fate 02. Route 66 03. Crackin’ Up 04. Around And Around 05. Worried About You 06. Route 66 07. Crackin’ Up 08. Let’s Spend The Night Together 09. (Band Introduction) 10. Little Red Rooster
(MONO REEL) 11. Crazy Mama (ACETATES) 12. Dance Little Sister 13. Little Red Rooster 14. Route 66 (FINAL MIX) 15. Mannish Boy 16. Crackin’ Up 17. Little Red Rooster 18. Around And Around

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  1. If you beleive the rumours which floated several years ago someone has the Houston 77 show proshot video…I remember reading somewhere that there were negotiations under way for a label to buy it and release it but it never went anywhere so maybe there is stil some hope….

  2. I wonder if we’ll ever get another Led Zep 1977 pro-shot video???

  3. Ineresting to speculate if EVSD have boards for the whole of the ’75 US tour. We’ve had quite a few shows now and like many collectors I wonder if we’ll ever get the boards for the Seattle & LA performances.

  4. As it is a never before released SB I would hardly call it redundant GS…personally I am looking forward to it…Kudos again to EV as the only label still delivering unreleased Led Zep material instead of rereleasing the same old “remastered” shows with fancy artwork…..That being said a safe and happy holiday to all….

  5. Yes, thanks Pharaoh. Another redunant soundboard (I doubt it will be as good as Freezer’s audience recording). Let’s just hope Eric Sachs got the speed right on this one at least.

    BTW, Taratura are releasing The Empire Strikes Back. This should be the definitive Wembley 1971 without the spurious “Dancing Days.”

  6. Just announced

    Led Zeppelin – Rampagin’ Cajun (2/28/75 Previously Unreleased SB) Empress Valley Label. The Soundboard Revolution Series presents for the very first and only time anywhere, the complete Baton Rouge show in Perfect Stereo Soundboard!!! As an additional special bonus, the initial 300 copies Only will include an extra 3 CD set featuring the best ever available audience source of this show.
    Two limited edition versions are NOW in stock:

    Extremely Ltd Edition Box (100 Copies Only!!) 6 CD Mega Deluxe Set

    Very Ltd Edition (200 Copies Only!!) 6 CD Deluxe special Digi pack Version

  7. And CMR would welcome review copies. Merry Christmas!

  8. Spot on, dannyzero! SODD is known for copying other labels’ material in their releases. IMP label has been working for years on the Altamont project and their recent release of El Mocambo is truly excellent release. I would welcome CMR to review their releases.
    Happy Christmas to all.

  9. Complete information on IMP’s Altamont set:

    3CD + 1DVDR + obi
    DISC 1(CD)
    01. PA Sound Check with Moog
    02. Opening Announcement
    03. Savor
    04. Jingo
    05. Evil Ways
    06. Announcement
    07. The Other Side Of This Life
    08. 3/5th Of A Mile
    09. Fat Angel
    10. White Rabbit
    11. Free Bird
    12. Ballad Of You&Me&Pooneil
    13. Six Days On The Road
    14. High Fashion Queen
    15. Cody Cody
    16. Lazy Day
    17. Black Queen
    18. Pre-Road Downs
    19. Long Time Gone
    20. Down By The River
    21. Announcement for The Rolling Stones
    Lowest generation & best quality
    source, including the newly found
    local radio broadcast and some
    soundboard recordings.
    DISC 2 (CD)
    01. Introduction
    02. Jumping Jack Flash
    03. Carol
    04. Sympathy For The Devil
    05. The Sun Is Shining
    06. Stray Cat Blues
    07. Love In Vain
    08. Under My Thumb
    09. Brown Sugar
    10. Midnight Rambler
    11. Live With Me
    12. Gimme Shelter
    DISC 3 (CD)
    01. Little Queenie
    02. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
    03. Honky Tonk Women
    04. Street Fighting Man
    05. MC by The Taper on Radio
    06. Introduction
    07. Jumping Jack Flash
    08. Carol
    09. MC by The Taper on Radio
    10. Sympathy For The Devil
    11. Evil Ways
    12. Jumping Jack Flash
    13. Carol
    14. Mick Jagger Live MC
    15. Sympathy For The Devil
    Lowest generation & best quality
    source, including the recently
    circulated soundboard recordings
    & newly found local radio broadcast,
    plus live excerpts from “Newswatch”
    DISC 4 (DVDR)
    01. IMP Slate
    02. Prologue
    03. The Altamont Venue
    04. CSN&Y Live Scene
    05. The Stones Live Scene
    06. IMP Slate
    07. Opening MC
    08. Jumping Jack Flash
    09. Carol
    10. Let’s Get Together
    11. Report & Interviews
    12. Evil Ways
    13. Carol
    14. Mick Jagger Live MC
    15. Sympathy For The Devil
    16. Report & Interviews
    17. Ending MC
    18. Let’s Get Together
    ★with Japanese Subtitle
    Rare 8mm silent film of CSN&Y
    and The Stones in Altamont ‘69
    (Narration with dubbed audio)
    Newswatch, KRON-TV, Frisco,
    Telecast on December 8th ‘69
    (Audio with photo slide show)

  10. SODD’s “LIve at El Mocambo” seems to ba copy of Idol Mind Production’s “Stereo Mocambo Reels 1977″ (IMP-N-017), which features a similar tracklisting:

    01. HAND OF FATE (Reel A) 02. ROUTE 66 (Reel B) 03. MANNISH BOY (Reel C) 04. CRACKIN’ UP (Reel B) 05. DANCE LITTLE SISTER (Reel C) 06. AROUND AND AROUND (Reel A) 07. WORRIED ABOUT YOU (Reel A) 08. LET’S SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER (Edited) (Reel B) 09. BAND INTRODUCTION (Reel C) 10. LITTLE RED ROOSTER (Reel B) 11. CRAZY MAMA (Mono, Cut-out)
    [The Longest Version in Best Ever Sound Quality with 5 Different Sources including Newly Found Stereo Reels]
    12. ROUTE 66 (Reel A) 13. CRACKIN’ UP (No-Dubs, Cut-out) (Reel A) 14. LET’S SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER (Un-Edited) (Reel B) 15. LITTLE RED ROOSTER (Reel C) 16. ROUTE 66 (Reel C) 17. CRACKIN’ UP (Combination) 18. LITTLE RED ROOSTER (Combination)
    Newly Found Stereo Reels (12-14)
    Best Sounding Acetate (15,16)
    Combination of Final Mix & Rough Mix (17,18)”
    IMP’s version also comes with a DVD with the following: “01. IMP Slate 02. El Mocambo Bartender Interview 03. A Rock Critic Interview 04. Comment on “Love You Live” 05. Ron Wood Interview 06. Mick Jagger Interview 07. Keith Richard Interview 08. El Mocambo Live M.C. & Band Introduction 09. Mannish Boy (Edited) 10. Crackin’ Up (Edited) (Rare Interviews, Live M.C. & Audio Tracks on Still Pictures with Japanese Subtitle)”.
    IMP’s release came out in October and appears that SODD copied most if not all of it.
    IMP also just released a 3CD/1DVD set of the Altamont concert: Disc 1 features opening bands Jefferson Airplane, Santana, Flying Burrito Brothers,and Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young ; Disc 2 & 3 feature the Stones’ performance with Disc 3 having additional performances of some songs, and everything is supposed to be from “low gen sources and recently surfaced sounboard/broadcast sources”. The DVD has news reports and some other material.

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