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new Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen

Two interesting new silver titles have surfaced recently  Bob Dylan Dimestore Medicine.  This is a 2CD compilation featuring “alternate, demo, rehearsal, unreleased and live performances” from the all-important year of 1965 (and January 1966).  Not sure if anything is new, but it does look like a well thought out collection of Dylan rarities.    


Bruce Springsteen The Bottom Line is a 2CD title featuring the August 13th, 1975 late show audience recording which surfaced this past summer.  This is the first pressing of one of Springsteen’s early legendary shows.  

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  1. Thats another I won’t have to fork out for then but I can recommend it for the tracks that are there. I did have trouble ripping it to my computer though to play on my i-Pod. Anyone else have this problem?

  2. I posted the scan of the back cover. You’re hunch is correct. It is a repress of the old Joker title.

  3. I believe Dylan’s “Dimestore Medicine” has been out before on the Joker label. I’ll await a tracklisting before confirming but it certainly rings a bell just with a different cover.

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