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new Cheap Trick on Tarantura!

Cheap Trick The Real Budokan (TCDCT-1-1, 2)
features the April 28th, 1978 show at the Budokan in Tokyo sourced from a new Mr. Peach recording.

Disc 1:  Opening, Introduction, Hello There, Come On Come On, ELO Kiddies, Speak Now, Forever Hold Your Peace, Big Eyes, Lookout, Downed, Can’t Hold On, Oh Caroline, Surrender, Auf Wiedersehen

Disc 2:  Need Your Love, High Roller, Southern Girls, I Want You To Want Me, California Man, Goodnight, Ain’t That A Shame, Clock Strikes Ten, Stranger (Tape) – Billy Joel

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  1. Ah, okay, I have the original plus Budokan II, covering the rest of the set, which came out, what, the 90’s some time? I assumed the recent box set covered the same material so never picked it up. Thanks for the info!

  2. jerry, I wasn’t talking about the classic 1978 album. The official 2008 Budokan! box set includes this complete show from the multi-track masters, every single note of this gig has been officially released.

  3. Yeah, I gather the official release is sourced from this show and the one two nights after. I’ve been trying to determine, with no success so far, which songs on the original album and expanded re-release, are from which night. If most of it comes from the April 30th show, I’d be inclined to pick this up.

  4. I had always wondered if Mr. Peach had gone to see them in ’78 but since this show has now been officially released it is a lot less enticing. I would have welcomed a recording from the Osaka show a lot more (which I used to have on cassette, with the tape magically “unmuffling” suring the 4th or 5th song).

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