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Empress Valley released In The Name Of The Group (Empress Valley EVSDVD-017).  This is a DVD with the Third Eye Led Zeppelin reunion show footage in 5.1 surround sound.  (ooh ooh!!)

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  1. Overall this is a great dvd and it is reasonably priced. The footage was awesome and I did think the audio was better as well. Thoroughly enjoyable but one thing to mention. In my home theater system it said the audio was 2 channel and not actual 5:1 surround sound. I checked with someone else and they said theirs was like that as well. Just something to mention for the people expecting true surround sound but it is still well worth the price for a silver copy of this show.

  2. Credit first goes to Mr. Third Eye for the amazing footage that he captured on what may be Led Zeppelin’s last concert. Comparing this reasonably priced silver DVD to the original Third Eye DVDR I noticed additional film footage that I hadn’t seen before plus a upgraded audio source and enjoyed this new release so mcuh that I watched it twice this afternoon and evening.


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