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Godfather announced their latest releases coming out soon.  Van Halen Before The Eruption (GR 705/706) contains demos from 1976 and 1977. 

ZZ Top Tres Hombres In Clarkson (GR 707) contains a soundboard recording for the April 15th, 1980 show in Clarkston, Michigan. 

Dylan In The Eternal City (GR 708/709) covers the November 12th, 2011 show in Rome along with bonus tracks from other Italian dates. 

Hammersmith Grand Finale (GR 710/711/712) is a 3CD set with the complete Hammersmith shows on November 20th and 21st along with highlights of the November 19th concert. 

The Beach Boys Hold On Brothers (GR 713) is a one disc release with the 1972 Carnegie Hall, New York tape and with three previously unreleased tracks from a London TV Special in 1972. 

Kiss While The City Sleeps (GR 714/715) contains the soundboard recording from the February 20th, 1985 San Berndardino show plus many other bonus tracks from the same era. 

Eddie Vedder Soldier Of Love:  25th Bridge School Benefit (GR 716) contains his set from the last Bridge School Benefit in Mountain View, California. 

Rory Gallagher A Burning Fever (GR 717) contains the March 8th, 1982 FM broadcast along with other bonus tracks. 

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  1. Excellent stuff. I’m guessing the VH is a copy of “Complete Zero”, but will be nice to have a silver of it :-)

  2. Van Halen, ZZ TOP and especially KISS are high on my wish list. The bonustracks are the price worth on their own. Superb quality rarities as I’ve Had Enough, Burn Bitch Burn, Get All You Can Take, Thrills In The Night, live tracks with Mark St John and demos and outtakes from Animalize that on top of the unreleased superb soundboard. Rumor has it that there’s more unreleased 80’s sounboards on the horizon aswell as some never heard vintage 70’s shows……..

  3. Dam, The Don has really outdid himself this month. Between Van Halen, Kiss, ZZTop and Rory, My Wallet is gonna take a Serious Hit


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