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New Godfather and Tarantura

Two new Rainbow releases came out recently.  Burn Like A Candle (Boleskine House Records BHRCD-2) is a two disc set containing the May 31st, 1997 Denmark show. 

Swan Lake (Tarantura TCDNIJIFUNE78-1, 2) is a two disc set with the January 12th, 1978 Hiroshima show from a Mr. Peach tape. 

Paul McCartney As Wings Fold(Godfather GR 527) is a one disc title containing Home Demos, Recorded at Park Gate Studio, Sussex, England, August 1980 and Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello Demos, Hog Hill Mill, Icklesham, Sussex, UK, Summer/Autumn 1987.

Derek And The Dominos Let’s Play Domino (Godfather GR 528) contains the Civic Auditorium Santa Monica, Ca, November 20, 1970, Afternoon Show with a bonus track from Cincinnati from the same tour.

Michael Jackson We Want You Back(Godfather GR 529) has the HIStory World Tour First Leg, Merdeka Stadium, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, October 26, 1996.

Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band Driving That Dusty Road (Godfather GR 530/531) has the Memorial Hall, Kansas City, Missouri, June 16, 1978.

Frank Zappa Viva Zappa (Godfather GR 532/533) contains the Palasport San Lazzaro, Padova, Italy, October 13, 1984

Neil Young Hitchhiker On The Road (Godfather GR 534/535) is the Hanover Theater, Worcester, MA, May 21, 2010. Neil Young Solo Twisted Road Tour, 1st Leg.

On DVD, Apocalypse Sound released Stevie Ray Vaughn Like The Finest Wine (AS194) with various TV appearances in the late 80s.

And Kiss Sonic Boom AM Ring (AS195) had the “Rock Am Ring”, Nurenmberg, Germany, Centerstage, June 3rd, 2010.  “1Live” Complete Broadcast

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  1. I’m with Eric99 on this : can’t see GFR’s point in releasing what’s already been done pretty good by Paddington, unless it’s in order to make it more “general public” to cash in with, on behalf of the more obscure released by the label (which would be fine by me to a certain extent…)

  2. I’m still dying to heard from you Relayer. Those Rainbow titles interest me very very much.

  3. The NY shows are just Neil, playing either electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, pump organ, etc.

  4. I’d like to know why the Derek and the Dominos is being released? There are shows that can be upgraded from that short lived great band. Mostly all the rare English dates. The Santa Monica afternoon show was only eight songs and everyone knows, cool people go to the evening show.
    The Paddington release is just fine by me.
    The Springsteen and Neil Young shows look like buys to me though. I understand Neil has been playing part of the set electrically, which has rarely happened.

  5. We’ll have reviews of the two Rainbow titles mentioned above very soon. Relayer is working on them.

  6. How do they sound compared to previous Tarantura releases? Can you let us know which titles they are similar to, please?

  7. Both Rainbow titles are of the highest quality in both sound and presentation in my opinion. Another pair of winners from Tarantura. Great times to be a Rainbow fan!

  8. Anyone ordering the Rainbow titles?

  9. Hello and thank you for your precious informations; but… where can I get that sort of “bulletin” which is a teaser/trailer for the upcoming Godfather/Apocalypse releases? Thank you, Alessandro

  10. The NY show sounds interesting. I was there second row dead center. Didn’t notice anyone taping, which is the idea.

  11. Re:Neil Young release-most likely it’s the same source that’s circulating amongst traders. I copied & pasted the following from a trading site:

    Lineage: Edirol R-09 + Sound Professionals SP-CMC-8 microphones Card reader > Harddisk editing with Soundforge 4.5 + plugins and using the Sonic Maximizer Process > SEKD Red Roaster Editing: some nearby clapping has been faded, BBE Maximizer and 6db volume boost on acoustic songs. Recording & editing: Young Dutch Master Sound is excellent. Recorded somewhere in the front rows – dead centre – sound is from the speakers in front of the stage. Nice recording, rather quiet audience, throughout the show.

  12. Well, let’s hope GR was smart enough to try and make this a complete show somehow. A matrix is fine by fans. It looks like my inexspensive and reliable GR source has taken his state sponsored vacation also!

  13. Hello there, anybody knows the sound quality of the new Neil Young release?
    Thank you so much. Alex

  14. I understand that it is the soundboard only and therefore does not include the
    opening three songs which only exist on the audience tape.

  15. The Springsteen release is listed as a soundboard. i couldn’t verify if it’s a full soundboard though there are 19 tracks.

  16. Anyone know if the Springsteen release is the partial soundboard with the audience recording used to fill in the gaps or if it’s all of the audience recording?

  17. Does anyone intend to order those new Tarantura sets? BTW, WHY does Tarantura release a new set under the BHRCD? What’s behind it?

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