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New Godfather including two new massive boxsets

Godfather announced their new releases for next month.  The Rolling Stones Jumping Back To Their Best (GR 678/679) is a 2 disc set with the February 20th, 2003 Superdome, Sydney show from the Licks Tour.  This also has bonus tracks from the February 22nd show in the same venue.  

Miami Heat (GR 680) is the first Jeff Beck Group title on the label.  It documents their show at Thee Image Club in Miami on November 16th, 1968.  

Led Zeppelin The Show Of The Century Rehearsals (GR 681/682) is a 2CD set with the complete December 5th, 2007 rehearsals including “No Quarter” and “Misty Mountain Hop.”  

U2 Still Out Of Control – Last Night Of The 360° Tour (GR 683/684/685) is a three disc set.  The first two contains the July 30th, 2011 in Moncton, Canada.  The third disc has highlights from the seventh leg of the 360° tour.

Robert Plant & The Band Of Joy A Feast Of Friends (GR686) covers the August 5th, 2011 appearance at the Lokerse Festival in Belgium.   

Muse Last Chance To Lose Control (GR687) covers their set at the Reading Festival on August 28th, 2011. 

 Bob Dylan Flames On The Italian Streets (GR BOX 06) is a six disc set with various shows from the 1987 Temples In Flames tour. 

Modena-Turino has the Dylan sets from the Modena and Turin shows on September 12th and 13th, Verona-Roma has Verona on October 1st and Rome on October 3rd, and Milano-Tour Highlights has the October 4th Milan show plus rarities from the rest of the tour.  

It also has a 32 page booklet with detailed notes. 

Kiss Karton – The Klassic Vinyl Collection 1974-1978 (GR BOX 07).

These discs contain many shows from the May 31st, 1974 Long Beach KSAN broadcast to a show at the LA Forum in 1977 and one track from a show in Evansville, Indiana in 1978.  This looks like an amazing collection of tapes.  It comes with a 16 page booklet with detailed liner notes and 8 kollectable kards with the album artwork.  

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  1. I agree on Zeppelin. A full review will be posted soon.

  2. Have Led Zeppelin Show Of The Century in my player and this one is absolutely STUNNING! This is A MAJOR UPGRADE OVER EVERY SINGEL RELEASE AROUND!! It’s NOT MP3 sourced and the sound is like their Olympia release the best around. A full sounding set with a broad sound spectrum with a nice mix and it’s like yer in the mid of the band. I am listening now it for over an hour and often I’m really like “oh my God, are they good!!” which I didn’t have on the O2 show but this is truely amazing!

  3. The KISS Boxset is STUNNING! Listening to it RIGHT NOW!! Packaging and shows are awesome. Great sources, great shows. A real treat to hear all these vintage shows again, now complete and often major upgraded. A familiar but also entirely new experience. Especially the L.A. Forum ’77 shows and the Calderone 75 set are awesome.

    The packaging is really cool. Every disc is housed in the familiar triple gatefold with original artwork updated with as a bonus a card of the original vinyl insert. The booklet has some great liner notes by the legendary Vincent Cusano and never seen photo material!

    This is a MUST HAVE especially for KISS fans but also a nice addition to the collection of average colectors!

  4. I got my Plant copy too and I am agree, it’s a great release, but definitively not an FM, it is a an excellent audience recording.

  5. I received the Band Of Joy title and think it is great. Excellent sound quality from what I guess must be a FM source. And the setlist I’ve seen online was obviously not correct as the show here has 12 tracks, not 9. The title also includes two bonus tracks from the July 29 show in Moscow.

  6. There’s much info on that on the excellent kissbootlegged site from Norway!

  7. It appears the KISS box is a massive seller as rumours say it’s already sold out from stock!!! Grab one if you can find it!!! And there’s more upcoming unreleased KISS soundboard’s coming on Godfather!

  8. I know Jules McTrainspotter, but who is “the hoarder”? I love posts like this. I’m so out of the loop but yet intrigued…
    Definitely also excited about the KISS box. A KISS box? this is just rad. are there enough customers for it? I hope so… then there will be more such sets. Nice work Godfather.

  9. Jules wrote a background of the Zep tape on Underground Uprising which I’ll retell when I post a review.

    It’s unfortunate that Tarantura seems to have gotten duped by the hoarder and Empress Valley.

    Give thanks to Godfather for this release. They seem to have rectified the situation and offered collectors the definitive version of this tape at a more than reasonable price.

    And this is another release that pushes Empress Valley into irrelevancy….

  10. These are fantastic news! The September news from Godfather were not too interesting for my taste, but these news let me looking forward to the day the parcel arrives.
    The Led Zep news are not really a surprise. I knew Godfather would not let us without this one. I was already downloading these rehearsals from the net, but I waited burning it to disc. Now I can erase the files.
    I just returned from the Paris Bob/Mark gig. So going on this fantastic site and finding these news about a new Dylan boxset coming out, what more can you wish?

  11. Zep on Godfather is an amazing and most complete release of this set. Really worth obtaining. I am most happy about the KISS boxset. That’s absolute a must have for this fall. All these classics shows complete and from the master tapes is a treat. Especially the complete L.A. forum show used for ALIVEII and the Hempstead 75 shows are amazing and among the best KISS shows available on both CD and vinyl!

  12. I’ll have a full review of the Zep soon, but the tape is not MP3 sourced. I think the label used the best sources available and created a two source edit.

  13. Another astounding set of releases from the Don. Fantastic news. The Dylan box is the one that really holds my interest – as far as i remember those shows were well received following Dylan’s slump in the 80’s. I look forward to hearing the shows.

  14. gsparaco: Does “essentially” mean that this is also MP3 sourced?

    Anyway, very happy to see they release one more title from the fantastic Band Of Joy tour. I saw them in Berlin on August 3rd and it was spectacular. Unfortunately Lokerse was a very short festival set (9 songs, compared to the 19 they played in Berlin). But perhaps it was broadcasted.

  15. No. It’s essentially the same as the Empress Valley.

  16. Does anyone know if the Zep rehearsals set is the same version as Tarantura’s The Triumph Rehearsals double CD?

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