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new King Crimson, Genesis, Pink Floyd and Deep Purple!

Intriguing titles for progressive rock groups continue to be produced.  King Crimson Three Of A Perfect Tape (no label) is a 6CD title containing three shows on April 28th, April 29th, and May 3rd, 1984. 

 Copies of the above come with a miniature reproduction of the tour’s programme.  

 Genesis Six Of The Best:  Rehearsals & Live (Virtuoso 145/146/147/148) is a four disc set with the September 29th, 1982 rehearsals at the Hammersmith Odeon and the October 2nd, 1982 reunion show at Milton Keynes.  

 Pink Floyd Boston 1975:  Unprocessed Hopkins Master (Sigma 86) is a 2CD set containing the unremastered June 18th, 1975 Hopkins Boston tape.  

 Deep Purple Black Light (Darker Than Blue 161/162) is a 2CD title with the February 27th, 1987 show in Stockholm, Sweden.  

And finally Perfect Blue (Darker Than Blue 163/164) is a 2CD set with the February 28th, 1987 show in Gothenburg, Sweden.  

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  1. I’m also interested in cgil’s comment. The past releases of this tape sounded fine to me.

    Regardless, a copy is on the way there to the CMR offices and I’ll post a quick review.

  2. Both the King Crimson and Genesis will be reviewed by the weekend.

  3. Is this Genesis being reviewed here?

  4. I myself as well would very much like to know whether or not that particular Floyd title will be reviewed here, as I just haven’t been able to decide for the last few weeks whether or not to just go ahead & order it. As for cgil’s interest in whether or not it’s been speed-corrected, that has made the decision even a little more difficult for me. So, cgil, are the very best of the previous (older) versions of the Boston 1975-06-18 show too fast or too slow, & by approx. how much? It seems to me that if any speed correction was really or actually necessary, I imagine that it prob. would have had to been very little, as I’ve never noticed any version(s) of the show being off-speed, and speed issues tend to be pretty-much indiscernible to me if the speed is less than 3% off, & thus correction is necessary only for 3% or more off. Hell, it wouldn’t surprise me if even many CD players themselves may be off-speed a percent or two. Thanks if anyone tries to help at all.

  5. will the floyd release be reviewed? i’m very interested is this speed corrected.

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