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new Led Zeppelin

The Graf Zeppelin label have released their first title in about a year.  Let’s Have A Party (LZSC-013A/B/C) covers the March 19th, 1973 show in Berlin.  The first two discs are an edit of two audience tapes, and the third has the soundboard fragment. 

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  1. I forgot to mention….. the 3 CDs are picture discs. I really like this release and I will purchase every Graf Zeppelin release in the future. I just hope the Graf Zeppelin people contine to keep the releases coming!

  2. I’m waiting for my copy to arrive. It does look quite exciting as does the next Graf Zeppelin with the 1971 Madison Square Garden show.

  3. This is an awesome release by Graf Zeppelin. This Show is thorougly enjoyable and the sound quality is very good to excellent depending on your taste. The editing between the three sources is absolutely seamless, providing a very enjoyable listen. In additon, the jewel case cover art is superb.

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