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new Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd

Two new interesting releases are now available.  Led Zeppelin Dinosaurs That Rock on Boogie Mama documents the popular June 20th, 1980 Brussels soundboard recording, one of the best shows from their final tour.

Pink Floyd Yes, Yes You on Refine Master Series covers the August 6th, 1980 Earls Court, London show.  This is one of the best Wall tapes in circulation.  Both Boogie Mama and Refine Masters have been releasing excellent titles of late, so both of these look very promising.

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  1. Thanks for the feedback LedMan. Boogie Mama normally do very good work on their titles, both with the sound and packaging.

  2. To my ears “Dinosaurs That Rock” doesn’t sound sterile and actually has full clear sound. These soundboards have come a long way since they first surfaced on vinyl and then CD formats. This release also uses the EX AUD source to fill in a gap. Comes in a beautiful digipack with excellent 1980 color shots. I believe the last 2 releases for 2 of the AUD sources were from Tarantura August 2008 and TCOLZ.

    Talking with other Zep fans and collector’s, this doesn’t seem to be their favorite tour however I can listen to each of the shows and find moments of brilliance from all 4 members.

    I would like to see Boogie Mama release the best available soundboard sources for these shows and I would purchase to add to my Zep collection and sure others would too.

  3. Great one from pink floyd.

  4. crikke makes an excellent point. The Brussels show has a really nice sounding audience recoding. It was pressed by Tarantura several years ago and is still the version I use when I want to listen to the show.

  5. Brussels is truly a great one, but it’s a pitty all those labels keep the focus on those sterile soundboard tapes over and over again while there is a very clear and energetic audience source available for the Vorst Nationaal show…

  6. Opinions are, by nature, subjective. I’ve always liked Brussels for its energy and enthusiasm.

  7. Brussels is not one of the best shows of the tour. Try Dortmund or Cologne for pure energy, Zurich & Frankfurt for great fun or Berlin for historical significance.

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