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new Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan and Frank Zappa…

Three new releases out now.  Led Zeppelin Magical Sound Boogie (Eelgrass EGL-20238/39/40) is a 3CD release with the soundboard for the June 7th, 1977 New York show. 

Bob Dylan Tangled Up In Roseland (no label) contains the October 19th & 20th, 1994 Roseland soundboard recordings. 

Frank Zappa Vienna Is Calling (Guitar Master GM-020/021) contains the December 12th, 1970 Vienna, Austria show. 

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  1. yeah eelgrass cover looks cool

  2. Oh, I didn’t know that. Always thought his ’94 tour was one of the better ones.
    I’ve got enough Zeppelin.

  3. 2nd time around for the Dylan Roseland show. It’s been out for months now. Same with Zep actually. Sloppy show.

  4. The Dylan release looks real good. May have to pick that one up.

  5. Eelgrass have been good in matching photos with the appropiate tour for their covers. Isn’t the cover photo from the New York dates??

  6. Cool cover for the 1977 SBD! nice to see an actual 1977 live shot on a 1977 release.

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