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New on Godfather

Godfather are releasing many more interesting titles this month.
Truth Is Like Freedom (GR 783) is the label’s first Jethro Tull release.  Taken from their very early days, it contains the August 16th, 1970 show in Chicago.  

David Bowie Worldwide Moonlight (GR 784/784) has a nice recording from August 11th, 1983 show in Tacoma, Washington on the Serious Moonlight tour.  

Pink Floyd Atomic Heart Beat In The Hall (GR 786/787) is the silver pressed debut of the February 11th, 1970 show in Birmingham, England. 

Bruce Springsteen Seekin’ Shelter From The Storm (GR 788/789/790) is a three disc title with the June 10th, 2012 show in Florence, Italy. 

Bob Dylan The Ballad Of Paddock Wood (GR 791/792) cover’s Dylan’s set from the Hop Farm Festival on June 30th, 2012 and also include bonus tracks from Dresden.  

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Royal Mojo (GR 793/794) contains the June 20th, 2012 show at the Royal Albert Hall in London. 

And finally, Bruce gets a second release this month with Beneath A Peaceful Sky (GR 795/796/797) which has the July 21st, 2012 show in Oslo, Norway.  

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  1. RE; New Floyd
    Got it.
    Once you get past the distortion on the first minute of The Embryo, it’s a pretty good ride.

  2. I got the new Floyd at Birmingham 1970-02-11 on Friday (the 5th), and I love it – I haven’t heard any other version that’s any better. Disc 1 runs a total of approx. 46:16, & Disc 2 runs a total of approx. 61:05.

  3. This new Jethro Tull title is 72 minutes, in excellent quality. I also have this show as ‘Blues from Chicago’ (Manic Depression CD 015, released 1991), which runs for 54 mins. Compared to BFC, TISF gives us ‘Dharma’, and also ‘We Used To Know’ – BFC mistitled ‘For A Thousand Mothers’ as ‘Dharma’, and didn’t have ‘We Used To Know’ preceding it. BFC also misdates the show as January 1st, but from the 1970 tour dates thoughtfully provided inside the sleeve by Godfather we can see the band were in odense, Norway on Jan 1st.

  4. I received my copy on Monday and will have a full review posted very soon. But I agree with AA. It is a fair but very listenable recording with a unique setlist. If you see a copy, grab it.

    BTW, I have a spare copy if anyone wants it.

  5. Yep :). I did a listen to this today and I have to say this is the best version so far! Not because this is the first time when the Birmingham show is released on silvers but also the quality is superior to all versions circulated before. Add the note that the Amazing Pudding has complete drum solo (however it’s still cut at the end) but also Careful if not cut for the first time ever in the history of this unique performance.

  6. Anyone have the new Floyd yet??

  7. ATH?? Ooops, I meant Atom Heart Mother!!

  8. ATH??
    I meant Atom Heart Mother!!!!!

  9. Tmoq, ATH on disc 5 starts clicking 1/2 way through.the same with AHT on disc 6 and Disc 10 clicks form the start.
    It’s too bad because the Lund and San Diego shows are great.

  10. Hi Sionxxii-can you elaborate more on your defective Wonderland box? I’ve had some issues with a couple of Wonderland titles and was curious about your experience. Thanks

  11. From what I was told this new JT release is a mix between two separate FM broadcasts and the CD lasts with almost 70 minutes or so.

  12. The tracks on the new Floyd are unique, eh?
    I have the live version of the “More” theme on that defective wonderland box and it’s totally listanable.
    I hope the rest is.

  13. thanks for the track listing
    looks like Dharma for one is the only extra track not on the broadcast
    We used to know/for a thousand mothers has been miscredited as Dharma before, so to see them both on the track list is promising
    i think i’ll be haveing this

  14. I’m not certain at this time if the Jethro Tull release is limited to the 54 minutes of the FM Broadcast, however, it is a single CD. A retailer of CDs does have the track listing for the release on their website:
    1. Introduction
    2. My Sunday Feeling
    3. My God
    4. To Cry You A Song
    5. With You There To Help Me
    6. Sossity / Reasons For Waiting
    7. Nothing Is Easy
    8. Dharma For One
    9. MC
    10. We Used To Know /
    For A Thousand Mothers

  15. anyone know if the tull show is just the 54 mins FM broadcast, or if it’s got any extra unbroadcast tracts

  16. Nice to see a Tull silver again – we’ve frustratingly had several CDRs of late that I would definitely have bought, had they been silver. Kind of rubs it in your face!

  17. I believe the previously available form of the Jethro Tull performance has been from an FM broadcast. I’m saving my nickels and dimes for that one. Thanks!

  18. Nice collection of new titles from Godfather. I am very excited for the Floyd and the Tom Petty looks promising as well. I also believe that the Tull comes from a soundboard source.

  19. I agree very much about the new Floyd release. Actually, as far as I know, the latest, very best versions of the show have reasonably decent sound quality. Very much looking forward to it – YEAH!

  20. FINALLY ! the Floyd Birmingham 70 show comes to Godfather. Although the sound is fair at best the setlist makes it a must have

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