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New Pink Floyd

Sigma will release The Pink Jungle:  The 68/69 Pre-FM Recordings (Sigma 28).  This 2CD set will include:

Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 17th September 1969 STEREO SBD
Club Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 9th August 1969 STEREO SBD
BBC Paris Cinema, London, UK 12th May 1969 STEREO SBD
BBC 210 Piccadilly Studios, London, UK 25th June 1968 STEREO SBD

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  1. I’m going to hazard a guess that Sigma have utilized the same sources as Rover, but subsequently remastered/eq’d for a “better” result and perhaps also some speed correction if necessary – based upon their treatment of the 11/15/74 source a few months back. We shall soon see (hear)!

  2. It would be great to think that Sigma has located the beginning of “Interstellar Overdrive” from the Paradiso show, as “Celestial Voices” only presents the final segment of that song. It is a brilliant version. Similarly, “Celestial Voices” has a nasty glitch at the beginning of “Grantchester Meadows” (Paris Cinema sessions) which is not present on “At The Beeb Vol.1”, so hopefully they will clean that up.

    Personally, I think a 2CD silver release identical to the two-disc set “Complete Concertgebouw” (Free Range Pigs) would have been good enough, without the radio sessions.

  3. I would like to see Sigma put together a set for the ’77 MSG gigs. I have Prog King, which I guess is the most common, but I would pay to have some kind of box set for all of the shows. Anyone listening from Sigma? I think it would sell. Shine On.. is by far my favorite record.

  4. Well, if my theory proves correct, we should see several of those ’68-69 items in the future, and most do need upgrade. Rehash or not, if Sigma’s mastering is superior to previous versions, then that’s cool with me. Those who aren’t interested in the umpteenth release of this material can simply not buy it of course, and yeah, I’d rather see something brand new or badly in need of upgrade vs. the contents here, but on the same token, I’ll wait to pass judgement until I’ve heard it.

  5. The best thing about this release is that it’s the first time Sirene/Sigma have released a silver pressing of any Floyd material dating prior to 1970. I’m hoping this will become a trend and they’ll finally tackle Amsterdam and Utrecht ’68, and Plumpton, Southampton and Royal Albert Hall ’69 among others. Incidentally, I also feel that the Paris radio broadcast from Jan 23 1970 (a.k.a ‘Water’s Gate’) urgently needs their attention. It must exist in decent quality somewhere!

  6. Either way…. Content = rehash.

  7. I don’t know if I’d say it’s disappointing per se…rather inevitable; there hasn’t been a silver pressing of 9/17/69 show from this lineage – last represented several years ago on the aforementioned Ayanami-137 “Amsterdam 1969 Complete” ProCDR release. Additionally, this may qualify as Sigma’s attempt to “eliminate” the STTP release (also mentioned above); I’m sure frequent “subscribers” to my reviews and editorials are aware of my theory that Sigma intends to both offer the best possible version of each show in existence, and also eliminate all previous versions in the process. Whether or not this is true or even possible remains to be seen, however their track record has been pretty damn good so far – we’ll have to see/hear how this one turns out. Anyway, the contents of Disc 2, while previously available on numerous releases, were not represented during the Ayanami, Sirene, or Windmill eras, so again, to me, it makes perfect sense. The question here is whether or not any improvement is significant enough to replace previous versions, and I’ll certainly address that in the forthcoming review. Two side notes: the “real” year-end gifts from Sigma in my opinion were Sigma 26 & 27, and I didn’t really expect another release in ’08. Secondly, it could be possible that Sigma’s interest in monopolizing the Floyd market isn’t limited to merely wiping out old STTP, Highland, or even old Ayanami/Sirene items, rather this would be the 2nd time a Rover Records release has been “affected.” All that being said, I hope in ’09 we’ll see upgrades for the following from Sigma: Santa Monica 10/23/70, Santa Monica 10/16/71, Washington DC 11/16/71, Leeds/Brighton/Portsmouth ’72, Chicago 3/7/73, and a full set of the MSG shows in July ’77. The remaining ’69 + ’80-’81 shows would be runners-up. Sorry for the long post, but as usual, a Sigma release provokes a lot of thoughts!

  8. My Amsterdam show is also on one CD as “Tea Time” was cut to fit it on one CD. It’s not much of a loss. The CD has the same cover and name as the incomplete “The Man and the Journey” Great Dane release. The more complete CD usually goes by its CD matrix number, VDPF 2476.

    My issue is with the description. While it is true that the recording is a radio broadcast, it is not a soundboard as the show was recorded by the radio station with hanging mics over the audience. It’s the reason why the audience noise is captured so well unlike true soundboards.

    This is a Sigma release? This is disappointing.

  9. What I especially notice about this release is that it’s 2nd disc is pretty much the same material that was released as “Celestial Voices” by Rover Records. And what’s most notable about the 1st disc is that all of it is on only one single disc instead of two. So that naturally brings up the question whether or not anything is missing, or whether or not it was maybe increased in speed enough so that it could fit all onto just 1 disc. “The Man Works Before the Afternoon” by Shout to the Top is a 2-CD version that has a total playing time of 81:17 – too much to fit onto 1 disc. And similarly, “Amsterdam 1969 Complete” by Ayanami is a 2-pro-CD-R version that runs 80:32 long.

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