New Pink Floyd Box Set from Godfather

24Gr_CoverPink Floyd – The Darker Side Of Rising Sun – Japan 1972 Chronicles (G.R. Box 24) is a 12CD box set covering six complete shows from their Japanese Tour in 1972 plus different/alternate sources as bonus tracks for each individual set. The box also contains a Tokyo Concert Poster, Ticket Reproduction, and a 24 Page Tour Book.

24GrABMusic From The Dark Side – Tokyo 1st Night (GR Box 24A/B) is a 2CD set from Taiikukan, Tokyo, Japan on March 6th, 1972.

24GrCDAt The End Of The Horizon – Tokyo 2nd Night (GR Box 24C/D) is a 2CD set from Taiikukan, Tokyo, Japan on March 7th, 1972.

24GrEFLunatics On The Run – Osaka 1st Night (GR Box 24E/F) is a 2CD set from Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan on March 8th, 1972.

24GrGHCold Side Of The Bow – Osaka 2nd Night (GR Box 24G/H) is a 2CD set from Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan on March 9th, 1972

24GrILA Journey Through Time And Space – Kyoto (GR Box 24I/L) is a 2CD set from Furitsu Taiikukan Hall, Kyoto, Japan on March 10th, 1972.

24GrMNLast Gig On The Moon – Sapporo (GR Box 24M/N) is a 2CD set from Nakanoshima Sports Center, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan on March 13th, 1972.

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  1. Let me be the very first to post a short review while waiting for CMR’s casual article. I found today a short time to examine the whole set date by date.

    The box itself is packaged in heavy cartoon lid with six individual trifold heavy cartoon covers and also includes tour programme replica in original size, as well as ticket and poster replicas too.

    These shows are amongst dates that are very often released in the past but this shouldn’t put any bad shade on this newest Godfather release. First of all, all 6 dates are composed from best possible sources, and for the all dates except for March 9th and 10th (where only single tape sources have surfaced), at least two different recorders are applied to present definitive versions of these concerts. Furthermore, each set has either bonus tracks from alternate source or different version of sources used.

    For me the most interesting and worth of attention thing is the quality. I can undoubtely say, with just a little possibility of getting wrong, that all six dates are huge upgrades to any previously released versions. For example, both Tokyo shows are sourced from lower generation tapes that sounds much more upfront and brighter. The March 7th date, widely known from Zeus title “Live In Tokyo 1972”, for the very first time has all channel balance issued completely fixed what makes this recording much more easier to listen (not to mention that the quality is better up here). Osaka 8th is another big surprise because, instead of quite often released good sounding but also a bit distant common tape recorder, Godfather used much better and more up to front source that brought a more detailed spectrum for all instruments throughout. March 13th (last date of tour) is spared from three or four different sources and for the most part the quality is near official album, and for two encores (Echoes and Atom Heart Mother) another alternate (but less brighter) sources are used to produce the longest version of this show so far. Only two of dates: Osaka 9th and Kyoto 10th) remained just about the same as previously released versions, but (as in case of all other shows from this tour) the quality is upgraded.

    Overall, at least in my humble opinion, this is a truly memorable production that should be in the hands of any serious Pink Floyd fan.


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