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New Pink Floyd, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and Mick Taylor!

Definitive Oakland (Sigma 37) is a three disc set with the May 9th, 1977 Oakland Coliseum show.  This is sourced from the same excellent quality tape and is, after Oaklands (Siréne 055) and Oakland (Sigma 2) the third release by this label.  They promise this to be a high upgrade overall previous edition of this often booted show. 

Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck Compared To What is a three disc title with the February 22nd, 2009 Saitma show taken from a DAT recording. 

Finally Mick Taylor Live Inn 1987 1st Show is from April 3rd, 1987 in Tokyo pressed onto one disc.

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  1. There definitely is a difference between Sigma 2 and Sigma 37 sonically, but it’s ultimately a matter of preference in the same capacity as Highland’s Mr. Pig vs. it’s remaster was as to which is “better.” I personally prefer the brightness, vitality, and 3D sound of Sigma 37 as opposed to the slightly darker, less dynamic Mr. Pig (original) or Sigma 2. There are surely further editions of 5/9/77 on the horizon, but I’d be surprised if we see them from Sigma, as they don’t have much of a history of recycling their own releases – only a handful of upgrades, that actually ARE upgrades. Mind you, in some cases these involve minute details that a casual listener might overlook or not even care about, but for myself…who has all of the Ayanami, Sirene, Sigma…I’m not at all disappointed with this purchase. Let’s see what DLee’s verdict is.

  2. Hmmmm…. I’d still like to hear the results of a blindfold test with Sigma 2. I guarantee there’ll be an Oaklands “Final Edition” in the next few years, followed by an Oaklands “Gold Edition”. It’s Destroyer all over again.

  3. Unfortunately there’s nothing that I can add at this particular time concerning the new Floyd release, as I’m still waiting for mine – should probably arrive any day now.

  4. While I haven’t compared it to the older versions yet…it is damn phenomenal so far (only on disc 1). It always sounded great…but I think this may in fact be the “Definitive” version.

  5. I think you hit the nail on the head strummerville. At this point I think we are splitting hairs with sound quality improvment on this well traveled tape. Hard to beleive it can get much better to where most collectors would consider it a major upgrade..Most likely some will feel the new release is an improvment while others will prefer the older versions….But that is part of the fun of our hobby I think, always seeking the ultimate version of a tape…

  6. I was thinking along the exact same lines. The review of the 5-disc Sirene release always hinted at a slight “liveliness” over Sigma 2. This always struck me as strange, bearing in mind they are really one-and-the-same label and could have issued the same (ie. best) version available on both releases. Or maybe they did…? If it’s such a close call, perhaps it’s just a case of subjective reviewer’s ears…?

  7. Thanks DLee and please send us your insights on this release.

  8. OK – I had already pretty much decided yesterday that I would order “Definitive Oakland” ASAP. Sorry about my messages getting so lengthy sometimes, but anyway, best wishes to Plomerus & his family.

  9. Yes DLee, please send in your thoughts. And let’s also send out good thoughts to our Pink Floyd review Plomerus. Because of family concerns will be not be able to submit reviews for the time being. Hopefully everything will get better and he can come back to writing the great reviews we’ve come to expect.

  10. Well, believe it or not, it may be stooooopid, but I’m actually considering ordering this one as soon as I reasonably can since I remember gsparaco’s review of “Oakland” (Sigma 2) giving his opinion that the older Siréne version (“Oaklands”) is still slightly or a tiny bit superior to it. At least the front cover of this new Sigma 37 is probably a slight upgrade of the one of Sigma 2. I have Sigma 2 and think it’s already outstanding enough, but I’ve still never heard the old Siréne release, so I’m still somewhat curiously wondering about it, and what I’m speculating is that Sigma 37 will probably be sort of a ‘compromise’ between Sigma 2 & the old Sirene version. I still have both of the two different Highland versions of “Mr. Pig”, as well as the very old Discurios’ “Plays the Animals” and the incomplete Blue Cafe 1-pro-CD-R “Most Memoratle (sic)”.
    So how about it if I order this newest title, then write up a review of it, but only a brief one that just compares it to Sigma 2 & the Highland Prime Masters’ “Mr. Pig”, while leaving everything else to using reviews of those 2 other versions for reference? Also, it’ll probably take me a while just to receive it since snail-mail (packages) arriving from the place from which I usually order has unfortunately become slower than ever lately, as on Monday I **finally** received the 4-CD “Animal Cops” (Sigma 30) after it had been mailed out to me as long as 27 days earlier (Feb. 11th), and my previous order apparently took more than 3 weeks.
    Also, if I do in fact end up getting this new Sigma 37 and then write a brief review of it, instead of posting/submitting it here myself, could I just e-mail it to GSparaco, Plomerus (I had thought, maybe mistakenly, that he was going to return here a few weeks ago after I had heard from him via e-mail), or Tmoq so that one of them can get it posted here? I ask this because the last time that I did a review here, which I think was “At the Beeb – Vol. I”, I had some considerably frustrating problems with the software (the fonts, etc.), which I’ve now forgotten how to use, after so many months have passed since the last time I used it.

  11. I have the Sirene and Sigma 2. What could they possibly do to improve these?

  12. You might be waiting for a while then because I don’t know anyone who will pick this one up. Unless they donate a review copy a review won’t appear.

  13. I love you Sigma…but I’m a bit apprehensive regarding the new Pink Floyd title. I literally just listened to Sigma 2 the other day and it sounds so good. I can’t imagine utilizing the same source will provide a significant improvement. And since this is supposed to be a ‘definitive’ release, why not use the existing source for the show on the 10th and give us a Sigma upgrade of that show as well? This is definitely a title that I’m going to wait for a review before buying. Sorry Sigma.

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