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  1. Looking forward to picking this up.

  2. No, no no. You guys get it right. Everything about it.

  3. MarkG, I don’t get it. Why would you want this information nixed from the site? I concur with all the responses to the first post. I LOVE hearing about what’s coming out next (regardless of whether or not its truly “new” content or rehash). Anticipation of the unknown is one thing that makes life interesting…

    It’s pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty (Curb Yr Enthusiasm) common practice to inform consumers of new and upcoming releases… ever been to your local record store?

  4. The reviews are usually very helpful, but this site is supposed to be about news, editorials, etc., etc. in addition to just reviews. And oftentimes I don’t necessarily need to read a review first before deciding to buy a release – especially if I’m concerned that the title may already become limited in availability or even completely sold out before I can make a decision. It’s great just to be able to know what’s going to become available even before it actually is available – as sometimes getting the news as soon as possible even affects other decisions that I’m going to make.

  5. I am one of those who disagrees with you on this one Mark…I appreciate getting a heads up as soon as possible on upcoming new releases, sometimes before the title even hits the streets for sale, as some of these titles are very limited editions and sell out very fast and if I wait until someone does a review they could sold out..Also this site does not review every silver title released so unless I constantly troll the sites of the vendors I buy from and hope I catch every release I may not be aware of a title without the New release bulletins GS publishes…..I for one look forward to the New Releases bulletin……

  6. Please allow me to weigh in with my continued support for this excellent site’s disclosure of new release info. It’s a strong part of what makes the site so valuable to me. I like that it isn’t just one review after another on the site, and don’t expect new releases to also be reviewed before they hit the streets.

  7. I certainly make every effort to review new Floyd releases within 24 hours of receiving them – and I often pay extra for overnight shipping with this in mind. I know how important it is to have some insight into a release, especially when most of us only have X amount budgeted for these things. However, I think also that it is important to make news about new/forthcoming releases available as soon as possible as well. Further, I’d say most of the releases announced ultimately do get reviewed here in a timely manner!

  8. But we can’t write a review until we have it, and this title isn’t here yet for us to review. This is simply a news item to announce its existence.

    To clarify, the “new” in the post’s title doesn’t refer to the content on the disc but refers to the disc itself. That should be self evident.

    Thousands of people who read the site appreciate the news and new release announcements so we will continue as we have.

  9. Gentlemen: I love your site, and have contributed financially to it, and I promise that I will contribute more. BUT — PLEASE stop listing “coming attractions” without a review. It’s pointless, and is less helpful than if we simply see a listing for a title on a website from a seller in Asia (and not John Wetton or Steve Howe ). If an upcoming release promises demos and rehearsals, PLEASE wait to list it until you review it. Goodness knows that some of us have 35 years of vinyl and CD releases which may contain what is in this “new” release. Thank you for your work, and thank you more if you can not “jump the gun” again.

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