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new Rainbow, Dio, and Deep Purple

Dio Dragon Head (Shades 230) is a 2CD set containing the September 3rd, 1986 Budokan show in what the label says is “perfect sound.”  

Rainbow Heritage:  While The Light Lasts (Rising Arrow-039) is live from the Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan on December 9th, 1976 from a soundboard recording.  The original master cassette tape belonging to Cozy Powell is used.  

Rainbow Shadow Of The Wizard (Rising Arrow-038) is a four disc set audience recordings of December 8th and 9th, 1976 from audience recordings. 

Get A Line On You (Exile Outtakes) on For Fans Only (006) is a one disc title with various Exile On Main Street outtakes.

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  1. Hi Chambeau, Sorry for the late reply. I’ve just done a comparison, using “Rock ‘n’ Roll Children”, and I think there’s little to choose between the four, as they are all excellent. I’d not like to be without any, but if I HAD to choose, I’d take the Japanese shows over the UK shows as they have “Stars” as the final encore, and I’d take ‘Dragon Head’ as it’s a silver.

  2. Hey aleebee, I got a question for you. Does ‘Dragon Head’ sound like the others you mentioned or does it sound better?

  3. Just remembered that Power Gate also issued this Sept 3rd 1986 Dio show but again on 2CDR. Luckily, I never bought that one so have it only on the new silver.

  4. Dio’s ‘Dragon Head’ 2CD is the first appearance on silver for any of the 1986 ‘Scared Heart shows, as far as I know; Power Gate gave us three 2CDR sets (London, Leeds and Nagoya). All are at least VG+ quality. ‘Dragon Head’ is right up there and definitely worth a purchase for fans of the band. Pity the others weren’t silvers, of course…

  5. Darker Than Blue’s Rainbow title, Soundboard Archives 1976, contains about the first half of a December 9, 1976 soundboard recording. It is curious if Rising Arrow’s release will be anything more than DTB’s, which seemed to be a sample platter of hoarded, fuller Rainbow soundboard recordings.

  6. Rising Arrow-35 was a 2CD set called ‘Heritage’, released Jan 2010 I believe, featuring the Dec 9th 1976 show as both a ‘remaster’ and ‘master direct version’. This was also ‘taken from the original master cassette tape belonged to Cozy Powell’.Rising Arrow -39 would seem to be a reissue of one of the CDs from the earlier 2CD set: is it the ‘remaster’ or the ‘master direct version’?

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