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New releases

Three interesting releases will be coming out next week.  Genesis Providence Lamb (Virtuoso 077/078) is a two disc set featuring the new Lampinski tape for the December 8th, 1974 Rhode Island Lamb Lies Down On Broadway show. 

Jeff Beck the the Jan Hammer Group Boston 1976 Definitive Edition (Wardour-074) is yet another silver pressing of the excellent tape for the October 10th, 1976 show that was recently reviewed.  This is about ten minutes longer than previous pressings with five minutes of cheering in the introduction and four minutes of cheering after the show. 

The no label Who 1979 saga comes to an end with this four disc set called New York 1979 Finals.  This features the September 17th and 18th Madison Square Garden tapes. 

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  1. When I looked into this a little further I see that it is 1979 and 1976 combined. Thanks

  2. Yes. Both sets are from the 1979 MSG shows. The 6 disc set has the shows from the 13th, 14th and 16th. This second set has the remaining shows from the 17th and 18th. The recordings are all sourced directly from the master tapes taped by JEMS. They also booted the JEMS recordings for the Passaic warmup shows. So between all 3 of these sets you can get the whole historic(and woefully underappreciated) run of Who shows on silvers in about the best sound quality available for these particular recordings.

  3. Is The Who – New York 1979 Finals a different release then No Label 6 disc release of New York 1976? I recently saw this in your new releases but the cover has 1979 on it.

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