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New releases

George Harrison with Eric Clapton Moments Of Majesty (Tricone 041/042/043/044) contains two sources for the Yokohama Arena, Kanagawa, Japan show on December 1st, 1991

Pink Floyd Seattle Master Reels (Sigma 58) contains the April 10th, 1975 show from Seattle

Black Sabbath The Eternal Idol Ray Gillen Mixis the ultimate version of “The Eternal Idol” rough mix featuring Ray Gillen in stereo soundboard recording

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  1. Sent in a little something myself. Just don’t ship anything! Hehe.

  2. Glad the hear that Sigma 58 is only 3 discs! I was fearful of another 6 disc set with the pluralization of reelS in the title. It will be nice to not have the DSOTM set split like it is on ‘Dark Side Last Tour’, despite DLee’s well know dislike of the sound :) …Also thinking this website has gone a little too long without a donation from me recently…LOVE THIS WEBSITE, THANK YOU CMR!

  3. spinalcrackerbox

    Regarding the Harrison/Clapton Yokohama tour start gig, this is also 1 of only 2 shows where “Fish on the Sand” was played before getting the axe together with “Love Comes To Everyone”. I have speculated about the reason and given a general review of the tour on my review of the “Days Of Speed” release on bootlegzone.com.

  4. Sigma has described their new Seattle 1975-04-10 release as being of “TRULY AMAZING/PERFECT SOUND”, which I have to tend to be suspicious of – despite all of Sigma’s excellent previous work(s). The DSotM part of the show has always been one of my LEAST fave performances of DSotM ever, since it seems to have a rather “syrupy” sort of nature to its sound that I personally dislike – esp. at the start of “Breathe”. It sounds so different from my all-time fave DSotM (live or original official studio), which is the legendary Wembley 1974-11-16 radio broadcast, that the former could be said to be as different from the latter as Nancy McKeon is to 5’10” animal-loving singer Ke$ha (Rose Sebert).

  5. Moments Of Majesty looks like it will be a tremendous release. It is the first night of the tour and has a very rare performance of “Love Comes To Everyone.” On the surface it looks like a duplicate of the Mid Valley title Days Of Speed (2006 Reisssue), but Tricone features a new tape source of the show. This will be reviewed eventually.

  6. New George Harrison? man, it’s been a long time since that happened. i just hope Tricone has sent us a winner!

  7. It’s Sigma. It’s on three discs of course…

  8. Anybody know how many discs Sigma 58 is?

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