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Many new titles have come out in the past couple days.  Led Zeppelin No Longer Down Under:  Live In Melbourne 1972 (Graf Zeppelin LZSC-009A/B) is yet another title documenting the February 20th show at Kooyong Tennis Courts. 

The Beatles Abbey Road…Naked (JPGR-1000) is another collection of RockBand mixes, this time focusing upon tracks from Abbey Road.

George Harrison U.S. 1974 (Monkey Clown MC010/011/012/013) is a 3CD and DVD collection with the complete November 4th, 1974 Seattle show, select rarities and a DVD with Harrison’s appearances on the Dick Cavett show, press conferences for the Bangla Desh concert in 1971, and home movies from the 1974 tour. 

The Rolling Stones Paris Complete (SODD-122) contains the Les Abattoirs, Pavilion de Paris, Paris show on June 4, 1976.

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  1. Careful Axeman Eugene

    what about Godfather’s 2cd Tour of Europe Revisited, which is the one i have? is it the June 4 show, as it’s supposed to be, or is it actually June 6? and how does it compare to other versions of the same show…whether it’s the 4th or the 6th? thanx to anybody who can answer

  2. The June 6, 1976 concert is the only complete performace on VIDEO that I am aware of.

  3. this release contains a bonus dvdr. it looks like the whole show is on this release. you’re probably right about the date. it probably contains a mix of the 4th,6th and 7th shows. i have the appocalypse release which i find has decent quality.

  4. I have a cd-r copy of the old Allright Charlie Watts title and unless someone somehow mixed up the discs (bought it and Paris aux Printemps together off ebay years back thinking they were silvers), I swear that Allright Charlie is the same show as Paris aux Printemps-the band intros are the same, word for word, as the Paris aux Printemps intros and there are myriad other markers. I brought this up on IORR a few years ago but was assured they are two different shows. Erik, Gerard, anyone with both of those titles, listen to the band intros on those two titles back to back and tell me they’re not the same-I’d love to be proven wrong. In any case, I’m eager to hear a different version of June 4th and see if it is actually different!

  5. “Apocalypse Sound” released the TV broadcast (June 4th – 6th – 7th ) on DVD that’s true.
    The question is if just SODD just mixed up the dates (once again), as the June 6th SBD performance often is credited as June 4th on old releases (if this SODD release contain CDs as well?).
    In either case, SODD has probably once again butchered the sound with their EQing (and I have more than enough SODD releases to say this without being just *guessing* ). Even DAC is better than SODD when it comes to this.
    Best release of June 4th yet is “Pavillion De Paris” (DAC) and “Allright Charlie Watts” (DWP) (both are audience recordings)

  6. A fantastic cover for the Zep title. Reminds me of the Vigotone covers of old.
    I wonder what SODD have brought to the table regarding the Stones Paris show? I though Apocalypse Sound released this not too long ago?

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