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Several new interesting silvers are coming out next week.  Pink Floyd Too Early For A  Gig (no label) presents the November 22nd, 1970 show at the Altes Casino in Montreux, Switzerland.  

Rave Master Matrix (Sigma 79) presents the June 18th, 1975 Boston show from a matrix edit of the Lampinski and Hopkins tape sources.  

Queen An Exceptional Legacy (Wardour-097) contains the Budokan show on May 1st, 1975.  

And finally, Paul McCartney Teenage Cancer Trust 2012 (no label) contains his set from the Royal Albert Hall on March 29th, 2012.

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  1. ‘Too Early For A Gig’ is marvellous! We are indeed fortunate that tapers in Montruex have provided Floyd fans with excellent recording from 1970 and 1971.

  2. MAybe it’s the same thing as with DVD(-R)? On a regular DVD5 you can put 65 minutes FULL quality video. The more compression you use you can put up to 120 minutes on a DVD but quality will suffer. Maybe that’s what happens when they put 85 minutes on a CD? I’d rather have a double disc with bonustracks then and pay some more instead of lesser quality.

  3. The only suggestion I had towards the length of the disks is that there is a special process that some manufacturers use – similar to the Nero CD burning program – to extend the length of the playing time.
    Why no one else else is using it, then I’m not sure but it would mean that the days of using uninteresting or previously used bonus tracks would be over.

  4. Thanks DLee looks like the best of both worlds for Rave Master Matrix.

  5. As for “Rave Master Matrix”, the Lighthouse site on which it was announced describes it as having “ULTIMATE SOUND” quality, & it’s claimed that “The sound of this matrix is much better than anything that has been previously released” – incl. both “Rave Master” & “Definitive Rave Master”, which are supposedly/apparently the 2 sources from which the matrix was produced.

  6. 83 & 85 minutes?! How is that even possible? I thought that 80 min. was the maximum possible. If it’s actually possible to make a disc as long as 83 or 85 min., then why aren’t there a lot more discs 80 to 85 min.? Thanks.

  7. Some of the longest CDs available are on the Rattlesnake label both the Rolling Stones “Training Wheels” and Bob Dylan “20Ten20Eleven” both push the boundaries of around 83 and 85 minutes respectively.

  8. just wondering if anybody has any comments or reviews for Pink Floyd Rave Master Matrix? Is it an upgrade over Definitive Rave Master?

  9. For the new Floyd titles, both ‘Atom Heart Mother’ & ‘Careful w/ that Axe, Eugene’ of both the 21st & 22nd shows of Nov. ’70 at Montreux are among the best-ever performances. And it’s amazing that “Rave Master” was fit onto just 2 discs instead of 3 – esp. considering that Disc 2 runs as long as 79:59 (Disc 1 is just 55:24). That’s the very longest disc that I know of in existence, as I think the ones that I had previously known to be the longest are the Belgium ’69 Floyd show featuring Frank Zappa on guitar on ‘Interstellar Overdrive’ at 79:53, and Disc 2 of Sigma’s Floyd 2CD “Who Gotta Be Crazy” at 79:52. I didn’t even know that it was possible to make a disc as long as 79:59, as I’m not even completely sure that a disc that long won’t cause playback problems at its very end in some CD players.

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