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new Yes on silver, and a new label makes its debut

Just released is Yes Fly At Last (Virtuoso 131/132) featuring the Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, show on April 19th, 2012.  Many current Yesshows have been pressed on CDR, but this is the first to be pressed onto silver disc. 

Gary Moore The Definitive End (Calm & Storm 001) features the February 1st, 1983 show in the Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo

Alcatrazz Super Jet (Calm & Storm 002) is a two disc title featuring the January 28th, 1984 show in Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo.

Ozzy Bloody Diary (Calm & Storm 003) contains the July 14th, 1982 show at the Nakano Sun Plaza in Tokyo.

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  1. The Yes cd arrived today! First impression is great! Pretty much in the same league as Melbourne 2012. Sound is as described by Virtuoso.
    I’ve only heard it once so that’s about all there’s to say about it, for now.

  2. Thnx Yenssongs!
    Now that sounds REAL PROMISING!
    I can hardly wait…

  3. Virtuoso announced “Fly at last” as ULTIMATE PERFECT sound release. I am glad about this release as well. Nice to see that Virtuoso is encouraged to release “new” YESstuff. There are so many nice “new” recordings worth to be released as silver pressed titles in future.

  4. I’m sorry, reading back my earlier comment, i can see now that it’s most likely interpretated wrongfully.
    What I meant to say was, that I’m glad the first ‘silver’-title with Jon Davison is here. Anyway mine is well on It’s way; anybody out there that has heard the recording for this one? I’m really curious about the soundquality. I’m not very thrilled by the quality of most of the ‘Benoit David’-recordings I have heard. As I already said I was happy with the Melbourne-recording with Davison, though.

  5. Jon Davisons first YES gig took place in Aukland, New Zealand (Vector Arena, 1rst of April 2012).

  6. I found a recording of the Melbourne show (11-04) two weeks ago.
    I really like it it’s a good recording with a very nice setlist AND the first one with Jon Davison of Glass Hammer as vocalist!
    He does a far better job than Benoit David, also!
    Really enjoyed that one so let’s hope this ‘silverpressed’ lives up to my expectations…

  7. I agree 100%. It seems the manufacturers won’t press any Yesshow after 1979 onto silver. It’s been that way for many years.

  8. I already counted 9 different YES 2012 Japan-Tour releases on CDR…great that the first silver pressed title finds the light of day….

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