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New releases on Godfather and Apocalypse Sound

The Godfather label have a relatively light release schedule for December.  Pink Floyd Obscured By Father Time (GR 340/341) is a two disc set with the March 18th, 1973 at Radio City Music Hall in New York.  This is one of the all time most important concerts in the history of rock and roll. 

Bob Dylan British Columbia ’08 (GR 342/343) is a two disc set with Dylan’s Victoria, Canada show on October 23rd 2008 with bonus tracks from the following night in Vancouver. 

Apocalype Sound have four DVDs.  Pink Floyd Rebirth Of The Band (AS 156) contains the Calhoun tapes from Georgia in 1987. 

The Cure Underneath The Italian Stars (AS 157) contains the October 11th, 2008 Rome television broadcast. 

Kiss Kissology Companion (AS 158) is a collection of material left off of the Kissology collection including Largo 1977, Anaheim 1976 and Paul Lynde’s Halloween Special. 

And finally Metallica The Eternal Bliss (AS 159) has “from a small French TV studio to a big Dutch festival field…two great shows.”

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  1. I personally can’t wait to get my hands (thoroughly washed & clean, of course :-) ) on this one – even more so than their outstanding “Watching the World Upon The Wall”. What I’m especially hopeful about is that there won’t be any edits (missing music) in either the tracks ‘Us & Them’ or ‘Brain Damage’ that are known to sadly exist on some versions.

  2. Most of the previous versions of the March 18th concert were single source releases, apart from a couple matrix creations, and none were factory pressed silver. It is almost assured that “Obscured By Father Time” is the result of another matrix, and from what I understand, with astounding results.

  3. Curious if you know, is this a silver debut because ‘Dark Side of Radio City’ was a pro-CDR release? i.e. is the Godfather actually a brand new source or just a new location attribution?

    Interesting… So perhaps ‘Dark Side of Radio City’ really was !RADIO CITY! If so, then both the original CDR and ‘Obscured By Father Time’ (very clever!) sound appropriately named!

  4. The argument in the liner notes (which will surely also be mentioned in the review) is very convincing and will answer all quesitions about its veracity.

  5. All confusion relating to Pink Floyd’s two concerts on March 18th, 1973 will hopefully be cleared up in the review. There has been quite a bit of misinformation surrounding this date, but the answers lie in the earliest available sources, which WERE correctly identified, and later second-guessed. I don’t want to get into the whole story here as it IS confusing & long-winded, however the bottom line is this release IS a silver debut, and an important one at that.

  6. Pardon my confusion. I’ll wait until the review!

  7. Hopefully the new PF release is not the same mislabelled source as ‘Dark Side of Radio City’ released many years back by Pigs On The Wing (which was actually March 18 – The Palace Theater, Waterbury, Connecticut).

  8. Just for the sake of clarity here, it should be noted that Pink Floyd’s concert at Radio City Music Hall was ticketed for March 17th, 1973 however the band did not perform until 1 AM on March 18th, which in turn has lead to quite a bit of confusion over the years – all of which will be discussed and deciphered in the forthcoming review!

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