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The flood of great Rolling Stones silvers continues.  Voodoo Early (SODD-107) is a one disc set containing different versions of the album.

01. Love Is Strong [Extended Version Different Vocals / Guitar Overdubs] 02. You Got Me Rockin’ [Extended Alternate Mix Extra Guitar Overdubs] 03. Sparks Will Fly [Alternate Mix] 04. The Worst [Beggars Mix With Extra Bridges] 05. New Faces [Alternate Mix With Count In / Diff. Vocals] 06. Moon Is Up [Extended Alternate Mix Missing Castanet / Guitar Overdubs] 07. Out Of Tears [Alternate Mix Without Backing Vocals] 08. I Go Wild [Extended Alternate Mix Without Backing Vocals / Guitar Overdubs] 09. Brand New Car [Extended Alternate Mix Backing Vocals By Keith] 10. Sweethearts Together [Extended Alternate Mix Without Accordion] 11. Suck On The Jugular [Extended Alternate Mix Diff. Guitar] 12. Blinded By Rainbows [Alternate Mix Missing Guitar Overdubs] 13. Baby Break It Down [Extended Alternate Mix] 14. Thru And Thru [Extended Alternate Mix Alternate Effects] 15. Mean Disposition [Shortened Alternate Mix] 16. The Storm [Alternate “Beggars” Mix]

Get Yer Ya-Ya’s In (SODD-109) is a one disc set with the alternate mix of the album. 

01. Jumpin’ Jack Flash 02. Carol 03. Stray Cat Blues 04. Love In Vain 05. Midnight Rambler 06. Sympathy For The Devil 07. Live With Me 08. Little Queenie 09. Honky Tonk Women 10. Street Fighting Man [BONUS TRACKS] 11. You Got The Silver [Mick on Vocals 1968] 12. No Expectations [another track 1968] 13. Love In Vain [New York 1969] 14. Country Honk [another tracks] 15. Stray Cat Blues [another tracks] 16. I Don’t Know Why (I Love You, Baby) 17. Honky Tonk Woman [another tracks]

And Dog N Cat releaed Some Satanic Tour Vol. 2 (DAC-098), a sequel to their popular Some Satanic Tour.  This contains the November 11th, 1969 Phoenix show on disc one with bonus tracks from Altamont.  Disc two has the November 24th, Detroit show from the same tour.  

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  1. I have that Minotauro release from the early ’90s ( Live From Detroit I believe is the clever title ), one of the first boot cd’s I ever bought. While certainly not up to the quality of the popular West Coast shows, this Dog N Cat issue, if from the same tape or better, should be a welcome release for fans of the ’69 tour – and who isn’t a fan of ’69?

  2. The Stones Phoenix show was previously released by VGP as “Gathering Madness” and “Sky Pilots” both listed as VGP031…Both also have the bonus track of “Brown Sugar” from Altamont so wonder if it is just another Dog N Cat reissue which is o.k. since I think the original VGP releases are sold out. The Detroit show is a nice bonus as the only silver I know of for this show is rare release on Minotauro Records so nice to have
    another chance to pick this show up. In any case the sound quality on both these shows is only good to Vg- so don’t expect anything special unless DnC found alternate sources…


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