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new Keith Richards and Beatles

 Keith Richards The Honeymoon Tapes:  Keith To The Highway 2 (SODD-123/124) is a 2CD set with the amateur tape Keith recorded while on his honeymoon in 1983.

George Harrison Beware Of Abkco (Roaring Mouse RM-110-6114)

The Beatles Revolution’s Evolution And Other Assorted Tracks! (Roaring Mouse EMI 041758)

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  1. Revolution’s Evolution… is a single disc sample of the HMC release.

  2. I wonder who buys these re-releases in the age of file-sharing. Converting the George release to mono would have been a good move as that seems to actually enhance the listening experience but I doubt they did that. “Revolution’s Evolution…” looks like a re-packaging of HMC’s release.

  3. In case someone wants to listen to Keith’s Honeymoon tapes, here’s a link where you can either listen to them or download them: http://captainsdead.com/keith-richards-complete-honeymoon-tapes-part-1-and-2.html

    I presume SODD uses the same source, but then lossless.


    *Credit To The Uploader*

  4. Track listing for the Keith release :

    01. Please Please Me / 02. Darling / 03. Sweet Dreams 1 / 04. Apartment #9 05. So Sad (To Watch God Love Go Bad) / 06. I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now 1 / 07. Memphis Tennessee
    08. All Shock Up (Broken Off) / 09. That’ll Be The Day / 10. Love Is Strange / 11. Learning The Game 12. Cathy’s Clown / 13. Let’s Spend The Night Together / 14. Wild Horses / 15. Time Is On My Side / 16. Unknown 17. She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goobye / 18. Unknown (Restarted) / 19. Let It Be Me / 20. Heartbeat

    01. Donna / 02. I Got Stripes / 03. If You See Her, Say Hello / 04. Can’t Take A Joke 05. Instrumental – (this is MAYBE the very first demo for Springsteen’s “Waiting on a Sunny Day”)
    06. Sweet Dreams 2 / 07. Never On Sunday I / 08. 32:20 Blues / 09. Devoted To You 10. Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now 2 / 11. Try A Little Tenderness / 12. Flamenco / 13. Problems
    14. Heartache Coming On (Incomplete) / 15. Beast Of Burden / 16. No Expectations 17. Never On Sunday 2 / 18. Dreams / 19. Heartache Coming On (Complete) / 20. Don’t Be Cruel

  5. I’ve only heard bits & pieces of Keef’s honeymoon tapes so i hope SODD have pulled out a reasonable package from it all.
    The two Beatles releases look interesting too – I gather nothing new on either of them but for new collectors who struggled to buy them first time around they’re very attractive looking nonetheless.

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