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News and new releases

The Rolling Stones Think You Like It (DAC-109) continues their documentation of the Stones’ outtakes.  This title covers outtakes from Undercover.

Bob Dylan Positively West 52nd Street is an exciting new tape to surface.  It is a 3CD set containing never before circulated soundboard recordings from the October 19th and October 20th, 1994 Roseland Ballroom shows.

Paul McCartney Ageless Music Anthology 3 (SAR-019A/B) continues the Strange Apple McCartney outtake saga.  This collection follows from 1978 through 1986.  


Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Harvest Evening is a 2CD no label release of the August 5th, 1974 Boston show.

Rainbow Hellbent Driver (Darker Than Blue 093/094) contains an audience tape from the Budokan, Tokyo, on March 13th, 1984.

Rainbow Outrage (Darker Than Blue 090) is the second edition of the show from  Hammersmith Odeon, London on July 27th, 1981.

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  1. Stay away from the DAC release “Think you like it”… Never heard a piece of filth like that: muffled, distant, unbalanced, flowing sound; a real shame, really stealed money, watchout!

  2. Right. Some 5 years ago Darker Than Blue released ‘Fire’ (DTB 009), a soundboard from Rainbow’s July 27 1981 show at london’s Hammersmith Odeon. Now they’ve released what they’ve termed an upgrade as ‘Outrage’ (DTB 090). Unlike Chambeau, I liked ‘Fire’ BUT ‘Outrage’ IS an upgrade; the sound is brighter, fuller, and with less hiss (indeed, very little hiss, even with headphones). I suspect a lower-generation tape, and perhaps better mastering.

  3. The Dylan release in a fantastic soundboard that must rate up there with the Scorpio releases from 1988. I think this release is going to be THE release of the year. A full review will appear shortly.

  4. Wow! A handful of good releases here.

  5. For Dylan fans I’ve heard several samples of the release mentioned above and it’s either a very clean soundboard or possibly a multi track source. Either way I jumped on this and my copy ships on Monday!!!

  6. Mine is on its way, Cham, so I’ll be able to let you know. Certainly the ‘Fire’ tape, whilst clearly soundboard, was not of a low generation, I agree.

  7. Has anyone gotten this new Rainbow Outrage? I used to own the previous release of the same show (FIRE). Though it’s a SBD, I didn’t like its sound. Would like to know if the sound improvement made it’s worth it.

  8. PS (sorry!). The Mar 14th show was also released on video in Japan, and some of the soundtracks likely come from that, rather than the LD.

  9. The 4CD Rainbow set ‘The End’ (Darker Than Blue 082/083/084/085) had Tokyo Mar 13th 1984 as the first 2 CDs. SQ is what I’d grade as Ex- (vocals and guitar fine, bass a little low), and I wonder if this is new DTB title is a straight reissue of those two discs.

    The second 2 CDs of ‘The End’ are from the following night, in slightly lesser SQ, which is largely redundant to most of us as it was a Japanese laserdisc and the soundtrack has appeared on STTP’s ‘Japan Tour 1984’ (and several CDRs, which are not copies of STTP).

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