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Extract Factory has released The Rolling Stones Unsurpassed Masters Remastered Edition (EXT-007).  This is a four disc set covering outtakes from 1963 to 1971 and includes:

DISC:1 Unsurpassed Masters – Volume 1 (1963-1964)
Mick Talks About Bootlegs, Baby What’s Wrong (Outtake 3/11/63), Diddley Daddy (Outtake 3/11/63), Bright Lights Big City (Outtake 3/11/63), I Want To Be Loved (Alternate Take 3/11/63), Roadrunner (Outtake 3/11/63), Come On (BBC Session 9/23/63), Memphis Tennessee (BBC Session 9/23/63), Roll Over Beethoven (BBC Session 9/23/63), It Should Be You (Outtake 11/63), Leave Me Alone (Outtake 11/63), That Girl Belongs To Yesterday (Outtake 11/63), Not Fade Away (Alternate Take 1/64), Wake Up In The Morning (Rice Krispies Jingle 2/64), Andrew’s Blues (Outtake w/ Gene Pitney 2/4/64), Route 66 (Live On The BBC 3/19/64), Cops And Robbers (Live On The BBC 3/19/64), You Better Move On (Live On The BBC 3/19/64), Mona (Live On The BBC 3/19/64), Hi Heeled Sneakers (Outtake 6/64), Stewed And Keefed (Outtake 6/64), Down In The Bottom (Outtake 6/64), Tell Me Baby (Outtake 6/64), As Time Goes By (Demo 1964), Blue Turns To Grey (Alternate Version 7/64), Around And Around (BBC Session 7/17/64), If You Need Me (BBC Session 7/17/64), I Can’t Be Satisfied (BBC Session 7/17/64), Crackin Up (BBC Session 7/17/64), 2120 South Michigan Avenue (BBC Session 10/8/64), Down The Road Apiece (BBC Session 3/1/65)

DISC:2 Unsurpassed Masters – Volume 2 (1965-1967)
Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (BBC Session 3/1/65), The Last Time (BBC Session 5/1/65), Oh Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin’) (BBC Session 8/20/65), The Spider And The Fly (BBC Session 8/20/65), Cry To Me (BBC Session 8/20/65), Fanny Mae (BBC Session 8/20/65), (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (Backing Track 5/65), Looking Tired (Outtake 9/65), 19th Nervous Breakdown (Alternate Mix 12/65),  Paint It Black (Backing Track 3/66), Sometimes Happy Sometimes Blue (Demo 12/66), Yesterday’s Papers (Demo 8/66), Yesterday’s Papers (Backing Track 8/66), Let’s Spend The Night Together (Backing Track 11/66), Ruby Tuesday (Backing Track 11/66), Please Go Home (Backing Track 8/66), Get Yourself Together (Outtake 8/66), Have You Seen Your Mother Baby Standing In The Shadow (Alternate Mix 8/66), We Love You (Backing Track 6/67), Citadel (Backing Track 6/67),  2000 Light Years From Home (Backing Track 7/67), Gold Painted Fingernails (Instrumental Outtake 7/67), On With The Show (Backing Track 7/67), Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Backing Track 3/68), Child Of The Moon (Backing Track 7/67)

DISC:3 Unsurpassed Masters – Volume 3 (1968-1969)
01. Did Everybody Pay Their Dues (Outtake) 02. Dear Doctor (Alternate Mix) 03. Downtown Suzie (Alternate Mix) 04. Blood Red Wine (Outtake) 05. Highway Child (Outtake) 06. Hamburger To Go (Outtake)07. Sister Morphine (Alternate Mix) 08. Still A Fool (Outtake) 09. Family (Alternate Take) 10. Memo From Turner (Alternate Take) 11. Gimmie Shelter (Alternate Mix w/ Keith vocal) 12. You Got The Silver (Alternate Mix w/ Mick vocal) 13. I’m A Country Boy (Instrumental Outtake) 14. Jiving Sister Fanny (Alternate Mix) 15. Honky Tonk Women (Alternate Mix w/ different lyrics) 16. Country Honk (Alternate Mix without fiddle) 17. All Down The Line (Demo) 18. Loving Cup (Early Take)

DISC:4 Unsurpassed Masters – Volume 4 (1970-1971)
01. Wild Horses (Alternate Mix) 02. You Gotta Move (Alternate Mix) 03. I Don’t Know The Reason Why (Outtake) 04. Sway (Alternate Mix) 05. Dancing In The Light (Instrumental Outtake) 06. Cocksucker Blues (Outtake) 07. Shine A Light (Alternate Mix) 08. Alladin Story (Instrumental Outtake) 09. Leather Jacket (Instrumental Outtake)10. Good Time Women (Outtake) 11. Potted Shrimp (Instrumental Outtake) 12. Shake Your Hips (Alternate Mix)13. Silver Train (Alternate Take) 14. Sweet Virginia (Alternate Mix) 15. Stop Breaking Down (Alternate Mix) 16. Travellin’ Man (Outtake), Brown Sugar (Alternate Take w/ Eric Clapton) 18. I Ain’t Lying (Outtake) 19. All Down The Line (Alternate Mix) 20. Exile On Main Street Blues (Promotional Song)

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  1. This is in fact the home made 7 album set from JWB , he has it compiled & remastered .
    Unsurpassed Masters Vol.1 1963-1964 31 tracks .
    Unsurpassed Masters Vol.2 1965-1967 25 tracks .
    Unsurpassed Masters Vol.1 1963-1964 31 tracks .
    Unsurpassed Masters Vol.3 1968-1969 18 tracks .
    Unsurpassed Masters Vol.4 1970-1971 20 tracks .
    Unsurpassed Masters Vol.5 1972-1976 17 tracks .
    Unsurpassed Masters Vol.6 2CD 1972-1976 33 tracks .
    Unsurpassed Masters Vol.7 ( More Odds & Ends )1963-1970 327 tracks .

    Grtz , UrbanSteel

  2. All this Stones rehash is getting so tiresome.
    Surely this can’t appeal to any longtime Stones collector.Lordbud is right. This stuff was just released!I just don’t get it.

  3. Didn’t Scorpio just release this material on their brand new Black Box? :’\


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