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New titles from Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, & Queen!

Paul McCartney – Ryogoku Kokugikan 2018: Original In-Ear Monitor Recording (no label) is a 2CD set from Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo, Japan on November 5th, 2018 and as the title suggests, comes from a stereo IEM.

Pink Floyd – Wembley 1974 Pre-FM Master: 3 Source Mix (Sigma 227) is a single disc stereo soundboard from Empire Pool, Wembley, London, UK on November 16th, 1974. Release details note the 3 source mix as SBD + AUD1 + AUD2 Matrix Mix (60%/SBD + 25%/AUD1 + 15%/AUD2). This comes with a 1974 UK Tour Programme Replica.

Queen – Definitive Budokan 1985 2nd Night (Wardour-300) is a 2CD set from Budokan, Tokyo, Japan on May 9th, 1985.

Queen – Definitive Nagoya 1985 (Wardour-301) is a 2CD set from Aichiken Taiikukan, Nagoya, Japan on May 13th, 1985.

Queen – Definitive Osaka 1985 (Wardour-302) is a 2CD set from Osaka-Jo Hall, Osaka, Japan on May 15th, 1985.

Queen – Live Aid (Wardour-303) is a single disc from Wembley Stadium, London, UK on July 13th, 1985 that features both the audience source as well as the stereo FM broadcast recording.

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