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New titles from Zeppelin, Dylan, ELP and more!

ZEP B80-FLed Zeppelin – Brussels 1980 (no label) is a 2CD set from Vorst Nationaal, Brussels, Belgium on June 20th, 1980. There was no mention of this being from a soundboard so I assume this comes from one of the two audience sources available.

ZEP Z80-FLed Zeppelin – Zurich 1980 (no label) is a triple disc from Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland on June 29th, 1980. Again, there is no mention of this being from the known soundboard however the third disc is sourced from the Westwood One Broadcast DAT Master featured on WXRT but contains only four tracks from the concert.

BOB P74-FBob Dylan & The Band – Philadelphia 1974 1st Show (no label) is a 2CD set from The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA on January 6th, 1974 Afternoon Show. This also contains two bonus tracks recorded from the evening show.

BOB H89-FBob Dylan – Hot August Night 1989 (no label) is a 2CD set from Troy G. Chastain Memorial Park Amphitheatre, Atlanta, Georgia on August 16th, 1989. This also includes six bonus tracks but no mention of where they come from.

ELP B72-FEmerson, Lake & Palmer – Berlin 1972 (Virtuoso 342/343) is a 2CD set from Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany on June 6th, 1972.

ELP M73-FEmerson, Lake & Palmer – Miami 1973 1st Night (Virtuoso 344/345) is a 2CD set from Jai Alai Fronton, Miami, Florida on November 14th, 1973.

ELP L77F-FEmerson, Lake & Palmer – Long Beach 1977 Final Night (Virtuoso 346/347) is a 2CD set from Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA on August 14th, 1977.

GL&GM T81-FGreg Lake with Gary Moore – Toronto 1981 (Virtuoso 330) is a single disc from Convocation Hall, Toronto, ON, Canada on November 20th, 1981. This features three bonus tracks from the Palladium, New York City, NY on December 5th, 1981.

megadeth-definitive-buenos-aires-1995-1997Megadeth – Definitive Buenos Aires 1995 + 1997 (Zodiac 222) is a 2CD stereo soundboard from Ferro Carril Oeste Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina on September 9th, 1995 & December 13th, 1997.

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  1. Hey Stuart, have you got any of the Moonchid Records releases? I’m dying to learn how good they sound, but haven’t found any comment on the internet. I would appreciate if you could let us know your impressions.

    • PM at pkrl5758@gmail.com and will send u some samples.

      They’re way too EQ’d for my taste.

    • I have but I’ve not actually listened to any of them in any detail yet. Interesting to read that Zepster doesn’t like the sound as I might have thought that they were just cloned straight from the downloads and these have been lauded for their tweaking, it doesn’t’t make any sense as to why Moonchild might adjust them otherwise.

  2. If they’re really a Winston rip-offs, then I won’t pay for that shit! This is absolutely awful, they have stolen someone’s work and even stated it’s from him while not paying any single pense! It’s called a pirate, not a bootleg and they should be charged because of that!

  3. But they’re selling just for $10 so I am guessing they’re CDRs, right?

  4. The Moonchild records label seems to be putting out these Winston remasters too – I assume the label are an offshoot of EV as they seem to very similar in style.

  5. I really do not wanna be greedy at all, but this time it’s evident they just took someone’s else work as there is a series of 1980 recordings called Winston Remasters done by some very tallented and skilled guy just for free and they even didn’t say that on the cover! If anyone of us is still thinking just a little bit about the honour, I’d kindly ask him to avoid these crappy titles, even if they’re sounding great. I personally believe there’s should be some kind of respect to anyone, who put an effort to produce the music ust for free and since it has costed him a lot to do that, it’s time to say no for anyone, who literally stole his production.

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