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New Whitesnake, Deep Purple, and Beatles

Deep Purple Louder Than Everything Else (Darker Than Blue 126/127) covers the August 17th, 1972 Budokan show.

Whitesnake Four Aces (Shades 430) is a 1CD release cover the August 12th, 1984 show at Seibu Stadium, Saitama, Japan.


Whitesnake Pledge Of Victory (Shades 431) covers the June 13th, 1988 show at the Olympic Pool in Tokyo. 


The Beatles Help Studio Sessions Back To Basic is a three disc collection on Extract Factory.  

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  1. These Whitesnake releases have been done to death. There are so many great early shows that should see the light of day come on shades and others bring us some silvers of shows of the 1980 period the classic line up at the moment There ain’t no love in the heart of the city.Keep rocking one and all.

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