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News and new release information

Two new interesting releases are coming out next week.  The Chronicles Of Led Zeppelin label follow their excellent One Night In Paris with The Complete Rockpile Tapes (TCOLZ 031/032/033/034/035), a five disc set with the February 2nd, August 18th early show, and two sources for the August 18th late show all from 1969.  This will be the debut of the new tape source for the late show which is considered by many collectors to be one of the best shows that year.   

The Sirene label make a rare comeback with Damn Braces:  Bless Relaxes (Sirene-060S) with two excellent sounding sources of the famous Hollywood Bowl show on September 22nd, 1972.  This is a repressing of the audio discs of their classic release from several years go that is long sold out.  They chose unfortunately to not include the DVD.   

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  1. After reading the comments here and also talking to other collectors about this Sirene release I decided to grab a copy before it was too late. I personally prefer the source that’s listed as source #1 compared to the second source which is listed on this back as “Crackers” (TAKRL 3969). The first source sounds brighter to my ears however the “Crackers” source does pick up more of the bottom end. This concert is so amazing that I don’t mind either source including the one used on “Dark Side Of The West” which GS just reviewed and I picked up shortly after it was released.

  2. I am looking forward to this set as I do not own the first edition, I love the Crackers vinyl boot, the audience reaction the Roger’s scream in Careful with that axe, Eugene is fantastic.

  3. I can’t speak for Sirene, but my guess is they are reissuing Damn Braces: Bless Relaxes because it sold out very quickly when it was released several years ago. It might be a companion piece to Dark Side Of The West?

    My understanding is that the new Sigma has a new tape source that surfaced with the Hollywood Bowl performance. In any event, I will be handling that review this week when it arrives and post all the gory details.

  4. I reviewed Godfather’s “At the End of Raimbow” (sic), and I have a CD-R copy of Siréne’s “Damn Braces” version that I’ve heard at least once, and it seems to me that the latter isn’t noticeably any better than the former. In fact, I have a slight preference for the former over the latter since it has bass that’s nicely deep & thick, whereas the latter sounds slightly too shallow or too thin. But I’m (still) wondering exactly what Sigma means by a “new” source, and how it compares to either older release.

  5. I thought Godfather released the definitive Hollywood Bowl show a year or so back or have I got that wrong. Maybe there’s room for a new PF label called ‘Defintive’ that way we could get definitive definitive releases.

  6. This is very confusing. Sigma, the label formerly known as Sirene, is about to release a four disc set entitled “Dark Side Of The West” (Sigma 32) featuring a new source for the Hollywood Bowl show on September 22nd, 1972 and an upgrade of the Winterland Ballroom show in San Francisco two days later. Now they’ve reverted back to their original label name Sirene to reissue the very same concert on four discs, despite having unearthed a “new” source for Sigma 31. What a strange move. Are they aiming to swamp the market…? How will we know which version of the Bowl show is definitive…? HELP….!

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