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News and new releases

A lot of new releases were announced recently.  Thinman have two Bob Dylan title.  East Coast Bondage(Thinman-121/122) is taken from the Bushnell Memorial Hall, Hartford, Connecticut on May 7, 1980.

Secrets Of The Breeze (Thinman-123/124) is from Yogi Berra Stadium, Montclair State University in Montclair, New Jersey on June 24, 2005 with bonus material from The Point Theatre, Dublin, Ireland on November 27, 2005.

Sigma have two 3CD Pink Floyd sets coming out soon.  Osaka Triple (Sigma 44) is an audience recording of the March 8th, 1972 Osaka show but with “Cymbaline” and “Fat Old Sun” from the August 9th, 1971 Osaka show and with “A Saucerful Of Secrets” from the March 9th, 1972 Osaka show.   

Pink Floyd Acid Moon (Sigma 45) is a three disc set.  The first two discs contain the Taiikukan, Tokyo show on March 6th, 1972.  The third disc is “From reel master recorded FM broadcast (Aired by FM Tokyo 1972) plus audience recording of “Any Colour You Like”, “Brain Damage” and “Eclipse” added in the end.” 

Wardour release another Queen with A Day At Seattle (Wardour-069), which has the Seattle Center Arena, Seattle, Washington tape from March 13th, 1977 which the label promises to be “much better than circulated downloaded sources.  

Yes Delirium Of Joy (Virtuoso 070/071) is an audience recording of the well known Dcember 11th, 1974 Boston.  Virtuoso released the KBFH recording last year, but this is the first release of an audience source which is complete with the addition of “Ritual.” 

Finally Simon & Garfunkel Perfect Moment is a two disc set of the Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan on July 10th 2009. 

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  1. Plomerus, OK, thanks, but I saw the slight difference already on at least 2 different very reliable sites that I can’t remember ever previously having any pricing misprints and are usually the first sites to announce Sigma release info. Anyway, I don’t have much interest in “Triple Osaka” unless it somehow turns out surprisingly much more interesting than expected. I’ve already decided to place an order for “Acid Moon” – along with some Led Zep, Jimi Hendrix Experience, & Cream CD’s. Thanks.

  2. DLee…that price is either a misprint or doesn’t affect the bottom line for us. That being said, “Osaka Triple” is still a confusing release for me, but I’m only just starting Disc 1. Nothing impressive so far, but we’ll see…

  3. Anyone notice that apparently “Osaka Triple” may be priced a few or several dollars higher than “Acid Moon”? Somewhat ironic that both aren’t priced exactly the same, and even more ironic, I would have thought that if one were to be lower-priced, it probably would have been “Osaka” rather than “Acid”. Strange.

  4. As far as the source used for Osaka Triple (Sigma 44), Fingal’s Cave lists the Pink Floyd (KP339-KP34) LP as the same source used for Highland’s Fourth Eclipsed Night which would make Osaka Triple a different source than Assorted Lunatics (Sigma 40).

  5. I was just about to add what Plomerus said about the LP source(s). Also, it’s been described as having only “GREAT/AMAZING SOUND” (for each of the 3 shows involved), which is not as great as their descriptions such as “TRULY AMAZING SOUND” &/or “PERFECT SOUND”.
    And as for the St. Tropez ’70 show, Sigma also released it as an audio-only 1-pro-CD-R “free/gift/bonus item”, no more than a couple/few weeks apart from their release of the 1-pro-DVD-R of it.

  6. Thanks for the info Plomerus. That gives us some clarity regarding Sigma’s intentions with Sigma-44. Has anybody heard the audio from KP339-344? Is it better than what’s found on Sigma-40? Maybe this is more of a nostalgic collector’s piece…

  7. Funny you should mention that. In fact the Sigma people did release this on DVDR but is only a gift item for customers who visit their store in Japan. So unless you’re planning a trip to Shinjuku in Tokyo, you’re out of luck.

  8. And whilst we have the ear of Sigma… hopefully… would it be possible to have a CD/DVD release of Pink Floyd’s 1970 St. Tropez Music Fesitval performance, similar to the KQED (Sigma 26) release…? I believe that excellent audio/visual sources exist for this event. What do other people think, would this be welcomed…?

  9. A key piece of information has been left out of the description of Sigma 44; the entire set is taken from the “orignal analogue records set Pink Floyd (KP339-344)” – thus it wasn’t Sigma choosing how to complete the show…sounds to me like they are simply converting a 6LP set to 3CD’s without any further adjustments. I’m sure it will be speed-corrected, and hopefully it was a virgin copy of the set (or de-clicked).

  10. Regarding Sigma-44, Maybe Sigma realized they drop the ball like when they released ‘Zoo’ and then ‘Zooropa’. But the ‘bonus’ tracks just seam like disconnected clutter. I understand they are from the same city, but why? Seems somewhat random. I mean what the point of including ASOS from the next day, unless it sounds amazing, (which I’m guessing it doesn’t). Does anybody have any specific release info from Sigma to justify this redundancy? Don’t worry I still love you Sigma…but I just need more complete information before I part with my cash on this one. In contrast I’m very excited about Sigma-45!

  11. I was also scratching my head after seeing the Sigma title, Osaka Triple. It appears that Sigma are taking a step backwards with this one. I guess we will have to wait and see what the title has to offer. Acid Moon, on the other hand, is what the collectors have been asking for here and looks really cool. Both the Queen and Yes titles got my interest as well and look very promising.

  12. Markg1, I think many Floyd fans can probably relate to what you mean, at least to a large degree, but I’m suspecting that the Osaka 1972-03-08 show may not be much of an “upgrade” – if in fact an upgrade at all, as it may be no better, or may even be slightly inferior. I’ve loved Sigma’s excellent work so far, but remember their “Dark Side of the West” 4-CD? The Hollywood Bowl 1972-09-22 part of it is apparently inferior to their previous version(s) of it.

  13. I love upgrades of Pink Floyd shows as much as anyone. BUT, I am none too pleased that Sigma is upgrading a show only one month after releasing it under another title. They did the 6-disc March 8-10 1972 trio of shows, and it appears that they are now releasing another version of the March 8 show — with some of March 9 added — as part of yet another package. It’s one thing to find a better source tape a year or more after releasing a title, but one month later??? If anyone at Sigma reads these posts, PLEASE stop the madness. Release the best possible version of a show, combine the best elements (board, close taper, whatever) and make it the DEFINITIVE version. Do not keep re-releasing the same shows over and over again, especially when they are part of 3 or 6-disc sets. There can not possibly be any new or better material available nearly 40 years after the show was recorded which can justify going to the well over and over again. If you guys at Sigma think that maybe, just maybe, you’ll stumble onto yet another version of a show that you have yet to release, HOLD OFF on releasing it until you plumb the depths of collector-dom. THEN you can relese it in the above-mentioned “Definitive” edition. PLEASE.

  14. Paul & Artie were perfect foils for each other. Gotta have that tension between two individuals to make a good band/performance. John & Paul; Robert & Jimmy; Joe S. & Mick Jones; Keef & Mick Taylor; Eddie Van & David Lee. Without that tension bands become flabby.

  15. Now who knew that Simon and Garfunkel had gotten back together?

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